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AC Tuneup Guide: If you have been looking forward to keeping your HVAC system in working condition, you should prefer getting a ac tune-up. But what exactly is a ac tuneup and more importantly what does a ac tuneup include?

Most consumers know that a ac tuneup will make their AC units work better but have no clue as to what a ac tuneup is. The typical routine of getting a ac tuneup is as follows:

  • AC tech shows up
  • You point the finger towards where the ac unit is
  • AC tech comes back after a while and says all done
  • You pay up

Through out this process the consumer (YOU) have no clue what your paying for, if the tech performed all the required services for a tuneup or if your ac even needed a ac tuneup.

If your someone in the category above, then this guide is for you. because in this ac tuneup guide we will be going over the most important questions you should have. So without further ado lets dive into 1st Class Heat & Air, Texas’s air conditioner tuneup guide.

NOTE: Although tune-ups are necessary, you should be doing them on a semi-annual basis to ensure that the system works properly. Even if you have scheduled for an AC Tune-up, you need to keep a thorough check with it and should be ready to accept what your tune-up can do for you.

What is AC Tune-up?

AC Tune-up is just like your car tune-ups where all the functional units of the system are thoroughly checked to ensure the proper functioning of the system. The AC tune-ups are designed to ensure that it functions properly, and the efficiency of the system is maintained. Initially, you may feel like the tune-up can be done by you. However, you should prefer reaching out to the experts like 1st Class Heat And Air if you live in Texas, to perform the air conditioner tuneup.

An AC tune-up is often confused with AC inspection while both are two different things. The inspection is usually done when the AC has stopped to function. If your AC isn’t producing cold air, you may prefer scheduling an inspection to find out the most potential problems. Nonetheless, tune-ups are like general maintenance. AC tune-ups are often considered to be more beneficial than inspections because it helps you find the most potential problems. Tune-ups help to identify the problems at the minor stage when they can be easily fixed.

Why do air conditioners need a tune-up?

Tune-ups are like general servicing, which is extremely necessary for your air conditioner. Often dust and debris collect on the coils and drain lines of the air conditioner. Carrying out a tune-up can help you find the potential problem. Often you may notice an unpleasant odor from the air conditioner. The technicians can eventually solve this problem. Scheduling an AC tune-up in the winter is necessary as well since the system may be prone to damage.

Lack of air conditioner maintenance can have a severe impact on your family’s safety. The electric wires are prone to blazing, which leads to a fire breakout in house. Also, avoiding maintenance and servicing of the AC can lead to mold growth and allergen formation in the system. Maintaining the system thoroughly can help you stay protected against such risks.

How often should AC tune-up be scheduled?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how often should the A/C tune-up be done. Experts have often advised opting for annual air conditioner tune-up during the spring season. This helps you to ensure that the system is in proper working condition.

Also, if your system has caught any potential damage or problem during the winter, the technician can easily find it out. This will make it easier for you to clean and maintain the system. Moreover, a tune-up will make your system prepared for the summer. It is better to reach out to the experts for AC tune-up since complete inspection cleaning can make your system work to its optimal level.

What are the AC tune-up benefits?

Scheduling a regular AC tune-up can be of great help for ensuring the safety of your house. Some of the prominent benefits of considering tune-ups include the following:

  • Proper AC tune-up will ensure that you can enjoy the cool air during the summer without any breakdowns. It will keep your system working in proper condition. No matter how long the tune-up lasts, the technician will make sure to find all the potential problems and easily solve it before the problem increases to more costly levels.
  • AC tune-ups aren’t as expensive as it seems. Although it isn’t free, AC tune-up can be affordable and will help you solve all the potential problems. Moreover, they can be helpful in the long run since you will be protected against the risk of paying for an emergency breakdown. Hence, no extra expenditure at an affordable rate.
  • AC tune-ups not only increase the lifespan of your system but the efficiency as well. Thus, you will need to pay lesser utility bills during summers.

What does AC tune-up include?

Above we’ve explained the basics of what an AC tune-up is; finding potential existing problems and solving them. Well, it is a lot more than that. You should prefer reaching out to experts who can guide you through the process of AC tune-up. Some of the prominent things that it includes are:

Refrigerant level testing– The tune-up checks for the refrigerant level, thereby helping you avoid an emergency breakdown.

Washing condenser coils– The buildup of dirt on condenser coils can eventually lessen the functionality and efficiency. This puts excessive pressure on the system, thereby costing you a lot on utility bills.

Condenser motor fan– During the AC tune-ups, the experts inspect the condenser motor fan to determine if it will be able to provide cool air or not.

Service valve leakage– Service valve may be prone to leakage, and this can be a problem when you do not have enough refrigerant during winters. The experts prefer checking the service valves for leakage to prevent refrigerant loss.

Clean evaporator coil– The dirt and debris build-up around the evaporator coil can have a negative impact on the system. As a result, the expert technicians prefer checking them and cleaning it to avoid inconvenience.

Tighten electrical connection– A tight electrical connection is a key to prevent even the minor breaks of the system. Since you won’t be able to do it on your own, you should prefer reaching out to experts who can tighten your loose electrical connections.

Flush condensate drain– The condensate drain is meant to flush away excess moisture from the system. However, over time, bacteria and mold growth may happen, thereby leading to it being clogged. During the AC tune-up, experts consider this problem and solve it.

Hiring The Right HVAC Company For AC Tuneup

These aren’t the only problems inspected during AC tune-ups. A lot of other things are done as well such as cleaning the blower assembly, calibrating the thermostat, changing air filters, washing condenser coils, and checking fan motor. All these only contribute towards increasing efficiency of the system.

Each HVAC company has their own list of things to do during a AC tuneup. This is why when you call a HVAC company to schedule a ac tuneup you should also inquire about what their tuneup includes. This will help you decide on a HVAC company that provides the best value for your money.

Keeping the above in mind, if you live in Texas then one of the best options you have is 1st Class Heat & Air. Getting a ac tuneup thr
ough us will be the best decision you make.

The AC tune-ups usually last for an hour in which all the potential problems are discovered and usually resolved. However, you may also come across extra preventive maintenance, which you should be considering. Remember, these systems can increase the safety and comfort of your house. Thus, you should prefer reaching out to the HVAC experts for proper maintenance.