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AC & Furnace Repair in Fairview, TX

Fast Reliable Service

Are you looking for AC repair Fairview, TX service? 1st Class Heat & Air provides fast, reliable AC repairs, maintenance, and installation services in Fairview, Texas. Call: 972-351-8383 and one of our knowledgeable dispatchers will be happy to assist you with your AC issues. We are a trusted HVAC company in Fairview with A ratings on the Better Business Bureau website. We’re a family owned business with over 30+ years of experience. When you call us on the job you can rest assured that we stand behind every job we perform.


Air Conditioner Tune Up

Air conditioner tune-ups can save you from costly repairs if done on a regular basis. It is advised to get an AC tune-up at-least once a year. Getting annual AC tune-ups can have many benefits including: longer lifespan of your AC unit, higher performance and best of all improved efficiency. Besides, providing direct benefits to your AC unit, tune-ups can also help improve indoor air quality. This is possible because during an AC tune-up your air conditioner air filters will be checked and if needed will be replaced. Also during the tune-up the AC technician will let you know if he spots mold build-up. Call us now and get a 1st Class A/C Tune-up in Fairview, TX.

AC repair in Plano, TX by 1st Class Heat & Air

A/C Tips

Choose 1st Class Heat & Air For AC Repair In Fairview, TX

Are you looking for an air conditioning company that provides fast, professional, competitively priced service in Fairview, TX? Try 1st Class Heat & Air. We are a family owned air conditioning and heating company. We offer residential service. If you need service on Saturday or Sunday, we are open for business. It is our goal to be the best available company providing AC repair Fairview, TX service.

What To Consider When Hiring A HVAC Company For AC Repairs In Fairview,TX

  • An Expert AC Repair Technician Will Make Everything Simple An experienced AC technician will know exactly what is wrong, what needs to be done and why. They will be straightforward and explain to you in plain English what needs to be done. They will not be shady with their practice or the prices. They will provide you with an accurate estimate and will stick to it. You will not encounter any surprise costs during or after the job.
  • Being Licensed & Insured Is A Must Not An Option The first question that you should ask an HVAC technician is whether they are licensed and insured? Most shady companies or self-proclaimed AC technicians won’t be licensed and insured. When a company is licensed and insured it provides YOU a huge layer of protection for all the work that is being done at your location. For example: If there is any damage caused to your home or equipment because of the work performed by the AC technician, you will be covered because the company is insured.
  • Experience, Experience, Experience (Often Ignored) Always prioritize an AC repair company that has tons of experience to back them up. When a company has been in business for over 30+ years like 1st Class Air Service, it proves they are providing the highest standards in AC repair services and take customer satisfaction very seriously. If a company does not provide quality service they will not last for 30+ years.

Why 1st Class Heat & Air Is The Best AC Repair Company In Fairview, TX?

The reason we’ve been in business since 1984 is our high quality services. We’re a trusted AC repair company and are known not to compromise quality under any circumstance even it means spending extra time. Our Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating has been a consistent A+. Being in business for over 30+ years has taught us that customers value reliability. No one likes being stuck with a broken AC unit. We understand the frustration a customer goes through and thus offer fast and reliable AC repair services in Fairview, TX for every customer, no matter how big or small the job.

With over 300+ customer reviews and a consistent A rating we’ve been featured on Angie’s List for the past 9 years. Angie’s List is the go to website for qualified, highly rated & trusted certified HVAC technicians for air conditioning repairs in Fairview, Texas. Check out our customer reviews. The reasons to choose 1st Class Heat & Air for all of your AC repairs in Fairview, Texas keep going. Speaking of which, is another prestigious site we’ve been listed on for many years. Check out our achievements and read what customers have to say about us. 1st Class Air Service has earned the prestigious Elite Service Badge, Top Rated Badge, Screened & Approved badge, Best Of 2017 Winner Award and many more high achievements on

Our Commitment To Every Fairview, Texas Customer Seeking AC Repairs.

  • Trained & Certified AC Repair Technicians
  • Fast & Reliable Service (Without Hassle)
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our No. 1 Priority

Air Conditioning Services We Provide In Fairview, Texas

  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Air Conditioner Tune-Up
  • Air Conditioner Sales
  • Air Conditioner Installation (Installed To Fairview, TX city code)
  • Emergency AC Repair Service In Fairview, TX
  • Maintenance Contracts Available
AC Maintenance in Plano, TX by 1st Class Heat & Air

AC Repair Service For All Makes & Models in Fairview, Texas

1st Class Heat & Air proudly provides AC repairing services to all makes and models of air conditioners in Fairview, Texas. Here is a short list of air conditioner makes we service but not limited to:

  • Amana, American Standard, Armstrong, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Ducane, Frigidaire, GE, Gibson, Goodman, Heil, Janitrol, Kenmore, Lennox, Maytag, Nordyne, Payne, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Westinghouse, Weather troll, York & More.

Fairview, Texas Air Conditioner Installation Services

We can help you make the process of getting a new air conditioner installed as smooth and simple as possible in Fairview, TX. 1st Class Heat & Air is committed to providing fast and reliable AC installation services. Our AC technicians are trained, certified & insured, which means a stress-free experience for you, because we stand behind every job.

Every home has unique heating and cooling requirements and we custom fit each AC system to meet them. We make the process of AC installation worry-free. We can get the job done without breaking your budget. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

The first step in getting a new AC installed in Fairview, TX is setting up a site survey by calling us. We will send one of our friendly AC technicians out to your location. Once our certified AC technician has completed the site survey, they will be in a much better position to lay down all of your options. There is no one size fits all with air conditioning units, because each home has its own unique requirements. The AC technician has to take into account the wiring setup of your location, the space availability, and the actual square footage that requires cooling. An initial site survey can help deter many costly problems later on.

AC Installation in Plano, TX by 1st Class Heat & Air

Since each home has its own electrical setup, dimensions and requirements, it is in the customer’s best interest to have a site survey done before choosing an AC unit to install.

Buying an air conditioner before realizing your home requirements can end up costing you down the road. For example: If you buy an AC unit that provides a max of 22,500 btu of cooling and your home size is roughly 2500 sq/ft then this AC unit will not be able to cool your home because 22,500 btu is enough for a 1000 sq/ft home. Finding out how many btu’s your home AC needs by carefully calculating many factors is part of doing an initial site survey. You can imagine the amount of money you would lose if you have the wrong size AC unit installed only to have it replaced with a bigger one later on. 1st Class Heat & Air AC technicians will make sure that the AC unit they recommend will be the best fit for your home and budget.

New Air Conditioner Sales And Service In Fairview, TX

Looking to purchase a new AC unit in Fairview, TX? 1st Class Heat & Air has you covered. We can make buying a new AC in Fairview, TX, simple and worry-free. There are tons of AC brands out there and each brand has many models. Deciding on the right one for you can be a very complex process. Our knowledgeable AC reps will help you throughout the entire process. From deciding on the right AC make and model, to getting it professionally installed at your location in Fairview, TX. 1st Class Heat & Air stands by your side throughout the entire process.

Each AC unit has its pros & cons, max cooling output, wiring setup requirements, space requirements. Each region has its own weather and thus not all AC unit makes and models will do. You need the right AC unit for your location for it to provide you and your family with many years of high performance. 1st Class Heat & Air can take care of it all for your home in Fairview, Texas.

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If you’re considering a new AC unit but need financing, do not hesitate to call us. We have financing options available. Find out which lender we work with. We have the option of applying online to make the process even quicker.

Call us today at 972-351-8383 and get the right AC unit for your home. We will make sure that you get the perfect AC unit without breaking your budget.

Furnace Repair Fairview

Are you a Fairview, TX resident looking for furnace repair Fairview service? Are you looking for a heating repair company that you can depend on? Take a look at 1st Class Heat & Air. Our family owned heating and air conditioning company will work hard to get you the results that you want. If you call for furnace repair service we will send a trained technician to your home. He will evaluate your equipment and you will be given a repair estimate. If you approve the repair, there will be no surprises. Our company provides residential heating and air conditioning service. Here are some reasons to choose 1st Class as your furnace repair Fairview service company:

  • $99.00 Furnace Repair Fairview Service
  • Better Business Bureau Member
  • Multi Year Angie’s List Super Service Awards
  • 7-Day Service
  • Quality Heating Equipment Installation
  • Gas Furnace, Electric Air Handler, Heat Pump
  • Emergency Furnace Repair Service
  • Financing Available
  • Maintenance Contracts

All Makes and Models of Furnaces Repaired in Fairview, TX

We provide furnace repair Fairview service on all makes and models. This includes:

  • Amana
  • American Standard
  • Armstrong
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • Coleman
  • Ducane
  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • Gibson
  • Goodman
  • Heil
  • Janitrol
  • Lennox
  • Mantag
  • Nordyne
  • Payne
  • Rheem
  • Ruud
  • Trane
  • Weatherking
  • Westinghouse
  • York

1st Class Heat & Air – Providing Furnace Repair Fairview Service

If you are looking for a heating company to provide furnace repair Fairview service, call 1st Class. Our customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. 1st Class has earned multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards. These are yearly awards that are given based on reviews from Angie’s List customers. Angie’s List customers have to pay to be members of Angie’s List so these reviews are considered the top reviews. We are also a member of the BBB. If you need furnace repair service and live in Fairview, TX, we would like to be your heating company. Not only do we repair gas furnaces, but we also sell, service and install air conditioning condensers, compressors, evaporator coils, electric air handlers, and heat pumps.

Gas Furnace Repair – Fairview, TX

If you require gas furnace repair Fairview, TX, you could be encountering one or more problems. The problem could be your gas valve. A more common repair would be an ignitor problem. Have you changed your air filters regularly? If you have a dirty air filter the lack of air flow could cause the high limit switch to shut off the system. The lack of air flow will cause the temperature to rise so high that the system will shut off for safety reasons. If your gas furnace needs an expensive repair but is older it might be best to replace the furnace. A new furnace is more efficient than furnaces from the recent past. And don’t forget, the blower that the air conditioner uses is located in the furnace.

Heat Pump Repair Fairview

Our company provides heat pump repair in Fairview, TX. A heat pump is nothing more than an air conditioner that can run in reverse. A heat pump uses a reversing valve to do this. An air conditioner removes heat from your home. The hot air is expelled by the outside condensing unit. When using a heat pump to heat, warm air is taken from the outside and placed in the home. There is always warmth in the air even when it is cold outside. Heat pumps are efficient until they reach their balance point. At that point the auxiliary heat is used. This will be either electric heat strips in an electric system or a gas furnace in a duel fuel system. In an all electric system the auxiliary heat is used in addition to the heat pump. Call us today for heat pump repair in Fairview, TX.

Call us now at 972-351-8383 for all of your heating and air conditioning needs in Fairview, TX!

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