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Maintenance Contract

Plano Maintenance Contracts

Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly 365 Days a Year

1st Class Heat & Air offers maintenance contracts to all of our valued customers in Plano and the surrounding areas. We now offer TWO residential maintenance contracts. See below for pricing breakdown.

The Benefits of Seasonal Inspections

It is important to have your air conditioning and heating equipment inspected to find any flaws or defects that could grow into major issues. For example, one of the items covered in the air conditioning check is checking the Freon charge. If an air conditioning system is low on Freon, it will struggle to cool the house and will run excessively. This will lead to high electricity bills and needless wear and tear on your unit. Additionally, if your equipment is low on Freon®, the coils can freeze up. This can cause pressure on the metal tubing and lead to a leak. When the ice on the coil melts it can lead to a water problem. This could occur if the equipment is not installed properly or if the drain is stopped up.

With the high price of repairs and replacements, taking care of your HVAC equipment is a wise, economical move. Plus, when you invest in our maintenance contract, we’ll offer you exclusive discounts on any repairs our HVAC inspectors discover you need.

What Can I Do to Extend the Life of My Equipment?

Keeping your air conditioner and heating equipment maintained is essential to their longevity. Regularly performed tasks like changing filters and keeping the coils clean are an absolute must. The inside coil can be kept clean by changing the air filter regularly. The outside coil can be cleaned using a standard water hose.

Ask your technician to show you how to properly wash the outside coil. It must be done correctly, or damage can occur. The repair for a damaged coil is expensive, you may even need to have a new coil installed, which can be even more of a financial burden.

With our maintenance contracts, our Plano HVAC service team will take care of all cleaning and tune-ups for you at a convenient yearly rate! Call (972) 673-0408 today to sign up!

We now offer TWO residential maintenance contracts.

For just $189.00 per year (or $15.75 monthly) you get the following:

  • Air Conditioning Check in Spring
  • Heating Check in the Fall
  • ONE Free Service Call Per Year
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
OR For just $417.00 per year (or $34.75 monthly), you get the following:

  • Air Conditioning Check in Spring
  • Heating Check in the Fall
  • Free Chemical Cleaning of Condensing Unit During the Spring Inspection
  • Up to 2 lbs. of Freon Annually for Free
  • Free Service Calls All Year
  • 10% Discount on Repairs

Contact our Plano HVAC company online to learn more about the exclusive benefits you can get with our maintenance contracts!

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