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When summer arrives, you can be sure that the electricity bills will soar high just like the temperature. There’s nothing you can do about high temps but there are ways you can cut air conditioning costs. Summer demands you to be at maximum ease, and this can only be achieved when you’re truly comfortable with your environment. As a result, a lot of people prefer to crank up the A/C to the max and going way beyond their budgets. But did you know there are easy methods of saving energy and cutting down air conditioning costs by opting for economical measures? You don’t need to brainstorm different ideas. It is very simple to do and proves to be cost-effective in the longer run.

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Air conditioners often increase the bill by 50%, which is why a lot of people might prefer avoiding it. However, bringing smaller adjustments can help in bringing about greater change in the house and its atmosphere. If you are one of those who is tired of paying extra money due to the air conditioner, you can always opt to reduce the bill by following some basic energy-saving tips. Some of the prominent ways to saving energy costs on A/C’s during the heatwave months include the following:

Ways to Save Energy & Cut Air Conditioning Costs

Get a programmable thermostat

There are different types of thermostats, each of which has an advantage of their own. The programmable thermostat can help you save a significant amount of money. This ensures that you can easily use it during the summer season to help you save money.

When you are not at home, the programmable thermostat easily shuts itself off. This helps in maintaining the overall temperature of the house. Moreover, you will also have access to maintain the temperature of the house from your smartphone. As a result, you can turn it on and off accordingly.

The thermostat will work towards stopping the compressor until it reaches the comfort level of the house. You can keep a check on the maximum and minimum temperature that will help you maintain. Moreover, using AC sometimes with it can help you maintain the humidity if the house is thereby lowering the temperature of the house.

Cut Air Conditioning Costs!

Plant trees around the house

Often the house gets heated up due to the sun shining on the room and the direct entrance of sunlight through windows and doors. Moreover, you should be comfortable with using the different steps that can help you save energy regularly.

If you want to block the entrance of excessive sunlight, you can plant a lot of trees around your house. This will help you keep the house cool. Moreover, you can also prefer planting 15-20 ft tall trees around the house. If you aren’t willing to plant trees, you can prefer getting trees and shrubs that will help to shade the air conditioner. The efficiency also increased by 10%, thereby lowering electricity bills.

Clean your AC filters regularly

It is extremely necessary to keep a check on AC filters and clean it to ensure low electricity bills. It is very natural for dirt and debris to get clogged on the air conditioner. As a result, you should prefer checking the system and clean the clogged filter. Keeping the air filters clean will ensure that the efficiency and power of the AC will increase. This will help to maintain the temperature of the house. Nonetheless, it will also keep a check on the electricity bills. You should prefer cleaning the AC filters once in two-three weeks for better functioning.

Put drapes around your window

Too much sunlight can heat your entire house. If you want to avoid that inconvenience, you should prefer clothing up your windows. You should put up solar screens and window screens around the house to ensure that the maximum amount of solar energy is absorbed rather than being absorbed by walls and increasing the heat.

If you are not opting to choose solar panels, you may as well use window films. These are a transparent metal sheet that can play an important role in reflecting the light. This further prevents the light from being transmitted into the house through glass windows.

If you are installing the window films, you should prefer keeping the windows closed always. This will ensure that the films work properly. Also, if you’re installing a solar screen along with it, the functionality will improve. This will prevent sunlight and the entrance of insects.

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Get ceiling fans for better circulation

Ceiling fans are often installed in the house to keep the area cool. Even before the concept of air conditioners came up, people had been using ceiling fans to keep themselves cool for it ensured better air circulation. If you want to save money and energy, it is suggested to use ceiling fans when it’s not too hot. This will help in maintaining the balancing money and energy.

If it isn’t too hot, you should switch on your ceiling or standing fans instead of the air conditioner. However, ceiling fans are considered to be better than standing fans for it can circulate air over the complete area with very little energy. They can play an important role in helping you stay cool up to 8 degrees. Moreover, the circulating air would feel like a calm breeze.

Consider an annual HVAC maintenance

HVAC technicians can find out if there is anything wrong with your system or if it’s working to its optimal capacity. Therefore, it is your responsibility to schedule an annual checkup. Moreover, you may also consider the service as it will help to get rid of all the problems and ensure that the system works perfectly fine.

The HVAC technicians are trained to remove the accumulated dirt and debris, which proves to be helpful in the longer run. They also service the system by replacing air filters and other necessary items. This proves to help avoid any unnecessary repair and replacement. As a result, you should contact an expert technician who can schedule the checkup and improve the longevity of your system. Getting your HVAC maintenance done on a regular interval can definitely help you cut air conditioning costs.

Seal cracks

Cracks and crevices are common in every household, but if you have an air conditioner, these cracks can prove to be dangerous. This prevents the air from being cooled up easily, which is why there is excessive pressure on the system. Too much pressure on the system can lead to an easy breakdown.

Sealing the cracks isn’t a tough thing to do, and you can easily do it on your own. Also, it will prevent cold air from escaping. You can do the whole thing by yourself and increase the lifespan of the system.

Energy conservation is an important thing to consider. You can always choose to increase the lifespan of your system if you are a little considerate. This will also help protect the environment as you take simple steps. Therefore, by conserving energy, you save the environment and money as well.

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