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Almost all of us have faced sleeping issues, mostly at night. Although the reasons may vary, the most common issue has happened to be temperature. Whether it is too hot or too cold, you need to have an ideal temperature to ensure that you live comfortably. Have you ever tried asking yourself if you are at your most comfortable or not? This is usually because a lot of people are not.

You may often feel comfortable at a certain temperature. However, that is complete because you are used to it and your body has adapted it. People usually feel uncomfortable in summer under the scorching heat of the sun and sleeping at night. No matter how many times you adjust the temperature, you may just not be able to reach the ideal temperature.

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Finding The Ideal Temperature For Sleep

How heat and humidity impact your cooling experience?

Your house may be prone to a lot of mosquitoes and insects. But that isn’t the only thing that will be problematic. Several factors contribute to making you feel uncomfortable. Once our body temperatures exceed the normal 98.6°F, we tend to sweat a lot. Also, the evaporation of sweat may somehow contribute towards us feeling cool.

If you are sitting close to a fan with your sweaty body, the light breeze will eventually make you feel cooler. Thus, fans in your house are sure to make you cool, even if not your room. However, in such cases, humidity may have a significant impact.

Humid air is loaded with water, and therefore in such a situation, you may find it harder for your sweat to evaporate. Therefore, high humidity will eventually make you feel warm and uncomfortable. The temperature and humidity will add up there making the atmosphere warmer. So, even if it is extremely hot and your sweat evaporates, you will feel cool.

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How does temperature affect our sleep?

According to the experts, the temperature has a significant impact on determining how long you sleep and how comfortable are you while sleeping. When you doze off to sleep, your body adjusts itself according to the temperature, which further reduces with time. Undoubtedly, the body begins working as an internal thermostat.

If the temperature fluctuates even slightly, your body will have a tough time adjusting. The drop in temperature will make it tough for you to sleep. If you are sleeping in a cool room, you can easily fall asleep. However, if the temperature fluctuations cause extremely uncomfortable situations, the sleep cycle is disturbed. The comfort level of the bedroom will have an impact on the rapid eye movement while you are dreaming.

Why does temperature affect sleep?

Now that you have got to know about the relationship between sleep and temperature, it is necessary to know why it affects sleep. The regulating temperature of the body is directly related to the circadian rhythm of the body. The circadian rhythm is the 24-hour body clock.

Due to this, the temperature reduces during sleep. Sleep will be disturbed if the body temperature decreases and increases as well. Therefore, you can sleep peacefully during cooler temperatures. As a result, if you are sleeping during the day, you are more likely to want a lower temperature.

Get better sleep during cooler temperatures

According to reports, people sleep better during colder temperatures rather than the warm ones. If you have a tough time sleeping, the sleep cycle will be eventually disturbed. However, if you are a good sleeper, you can get proper sleep. Mild heat exposure will eventually affect older adults. This can eventually lead to everyone waking up soon.

Heat exposure can have an impact on slow-wave sleep. However, cold temperatures do not have any impact on the sleep cycle. As mentioned earlier, high humidity also has an impact on the sleep cycle.

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Is healthy sleeping related to cool temperature?

As per experts, you have low thermostat settings that can help you stay healthy. Various studies have shown that the surrounding temperatures have an impact on the fat metabolism of the body. It helps to boost up brown fat, which will eventually resist insulin and lower body weight. This usually happens in cooler temperatures. However, the exact opposite of it happens during the warmer temperature. You should prefer checking with it thoroughly.

Do old air conditioners function without a thermostat?

There are three options for air conditioners without a thermostat, such as high, medium, and low. All these are cool options, and you can adjust it according to your body requirements. These settings are adjacent to the fan speed of the temperature. If the setting is high, you will receive more air from the air conditioner and vice versa.

What are the factors affecting electricity consumption?

There are mainly four factors affecting electricity consumption. Some of these may include the following:

  • Outdoor Temperature
  • Indoor air temperature
  • The temperature setting of the air conditioner
  • Thermal installation of room

If the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is huge, the air conditioner will differ a lot. However, in such situations, it will take a lot of time for the air conditioner to cool down the surrounding temperature. This will further have an impact on the monthly electricity bill.

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What is the ideal temperature for sleeping?

As per experts, there will be a significant difference between the temperatures, and it is difficult to recommend the ideal temperature. If you want an ideal temperature, it is better to set 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, an increase in temperature will not have a significant impact on the comfort level, but a decrease of it will surely have. If you want to attain thermal comfort, the ideal temperature can be 74.3-77.9°F during the summers. But, if you want to have money as well, you should set the temperature at 78°F. Not only will it be comfortable, but money-saving as well. Along with air conditioners, you can also use ceiling fans for extreme comfort. Also, the regular thermostat temperature can be of great help.

You can consider reaching out to experts for finding the potential solution. If you want to have the energy and money-saving plan, you should prefer checking with the experts. A comfortable temperature can have a proper impact on your sleep cycle.

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