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Have you been noticing water leaks from your air conditioner? It is probably time; you should be considering getting your AC checked out by a professional HVAC tech. Too much condensation from the air conditioner is a common sign of a problem. But not to worry, a leaking air conditioner is a common problem people face, and nothing an HVAC tech can’t take care of.

People having ductless cooling units suffer from leaking air conditioners the most. When you notice water leaking from your air conditioner, the first thing you should be doing is switching off the system. You should make sure to switch it off, or the water can damage the electrical systems in your house. The next thing you should be doing is reaching out to HVAC experts, like the friendly staff at 1st Class Heat & Air.

A leaking air conditioner can also have an impact on your system. You should prefer checking the air conditioning system, which may help you find out the problem. Sometimes you may consider repairing the problem on your own, but some problems will require you to reach out to the experts.

Is A Leaking Air Conditioner Dangerous?

In the rare event of A/C coolant leaking into your home, Yes it is dangerous. This is because the A/C coolant will quickly evaporate into a gas state and become harmful for everyone in the home or office. This may cause many health problems such as nausea, headache or even asphyxiation in extreme cases. This is one of the reasons it is recommended to call an HVAC Technician in cases where your A/C is leaking water.

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What are the common reasons for AC leaking?

There isn’t one reason but many that may be leading to the leaking of your AC units. However, sometimes, this water leakage can be extremely confusing. As a result, you should prefer checking the system yourself before reaching out to the experts. If its something minor you can always get it taken care of. But if the problem seems technical or something you’re not sure of then the best course of action would be to call an AC repair expert instead. You don’t want to end up causing more damage than what’s already been done.

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Common Reasons For Leaking Air Conditioner

Note: Before trying any of the troubleshooting yourself, you should always turn the power off to your entire A/C system.

1. Broken Condensate Pump

The first thing you should be checking in the system is whether the condensate pump is broken or not. You may not necessarily need to reach out to an expert to check for the broken Condensate Pump; you can do it all by yourself. One of the most common problems with a condensate pump is the float being stuck. Almost all condensate pumps have a float located at the top. Simply using a finger move the float up & down to make sure it’s not stuck.

If the float is working just fine, then the next step could be to clean the pump. If after cleaning the pump you still have the same problem then check to see if the pump is getting enough power. In most cases, if the float is not stuck and a cleaning does no good, then you may end up having the pump repaired or replaced.

If the pump seems like it has a problem that is out of your technical background then the best thing to do is call the experts in. Getting things done on your own does feel great, but sometimes it is far safer for you and your family to get a professional to do it. If it looks like you could use the help of professionals then I would recommend us at 972-673-0408. We will have one of our trained and certified HVAC technicians out to your location anywhere within Texas.

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2. Improperly sealed unit

It is necessary to have properly sealed AC units, both on the outside and inside. If the system isn’t properly sealed, you are sure to notice leaking water. Not only leaking water, but it will also bring about warm air from outside. This will further lead to moisture build-up in the house. As a result, the system will work extra hard to cool the house. Moisture build-up can lead to a leaking AC system.

3. Incorrect installation of the system

One major reason for AC leaking is incorrect installation of the system. If the system is not maintained in level, it is very natural for it to leak regularly. Also, too much pressure on the incorrectly installed AC system can be a major reason for the leak.

It is often hard to find whether or not the system has been installed correctly or not. The first thing to do is to check the level of the unit. If there are levels, you should be checking for the closed vents in your house, which can lead to excessive pressure on the unit. Incorrect installation of the AC is a very common problem. Often, the contractor is to be blamed for this. The improper design of the system can lead to drainage, thereby leading to water overflow. If you think you have an incorrectly installed AC unit then best course of action would be to call HVAC experts (972-673-0408 ) and get them to provide the best solution.

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4. Air Leakage

Bad or loose seals can lead to extra warm air entering the house. This can further lead to extra condensation and therefore, cold air creating moisture. Ultimately, this may lead to excessive buildup of the water pool in the air.

Although you may find this to be a significant problem, you can consider resealing the outdoor unit. This can help to make things proper in many cases. Water leakage may occur, but apart from that, several other worse conditions may occur. Therefore you should check for the air leakages to increase the efficiency of the system. You can consider reaching out to the experts to solve the problem.

5. Dirty Air filters

Most of us do not take proper care of the air filters. The negligence can be the major reason for leaks. If the filters get excessively dirty, the flow becomes blocked. As a result, not much air can pass through the evaporator coil.

Such problems may lead to coil becoming cold and eventually freezing up. During the warm time, the frozen water melts and waterfalls off. Since the drain pan cannot hold water, you may eventually notice leaks. Therefore, you should keep a close check on the filters. Make sure to get new filters if the older one has become dirty. Getting regular AC Maintenance done can help with this issue.

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How to prevent water leaks from the air conditioner?

A leaking air conditioner unit is something many of us may undergo. However, there are ways you can prevent your A/C unit from leaking in the first place instead of finding a fix later. To prevent A/C from leaking water, it is necessary to keep a proper check on the system to avoid any inconvenience. Some of the prominent tips that can help you prevent the air conditioner from leaking include the following:

1. Clean the coils

If your air conditioner has been working for a long time, it is very natural for filters to catch dirt. Not only the filters, but the copper coils are also prone to catching dirt. As a resu
lt, you should work towards cleaning the copper coils regularly. You can do this by yourself as well. You should wipe the coils properly after turning the power off to the system. A solution of warm water and mild soap can be of great help. While cleaning coils you should make sure you do not put too much pressure or bend the coils. If you don’t have the time to get this done it may be a good opportunity to get you AC maintenance or tune-up done by professionals.

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2. Check the filters

You should keep a check on the air filters. You should remove the panels before cleaning the filters. If they are too dirty, you should prefer to get it replaced. The clogged air filters can prevent airflow and eventually damage the whole system. Moreover, they can also reduce the efficiency of the system. Water drips may become normal in such cases.

3. Check installation

For the air conditioner to work properly, it should be properly installed. If you have a ductless mini-split, you should check how the contractor has mounted the AC on the wall. A properly installed air conditioner will prevent draining pipes and condensation.

If you have noticed a leaking air conditioner, you should prefer reaching out to the experts. If the system is regularly leaking, you should not ignore it. Make sure to contact the experts right away and get your problem solved before it becomes a costly job later on down the road.

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