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Summer seems to be very far from going anywhere, and as this season gets hotter, people opt to use as much the technology they have to survive the increasing heat. As far as combating heat is concerned, it looks like most, households have a common appliance as a weapon for this kind of problem – air conditioners.

While air conditioners might be our buddies for keeping us cool, it is still important that we make sure our appliances are always in good shape. A regular annual air conditioner tune-up is highly suggested, to save not just our air conditioners but also our pockets.

What Does an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Include?

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After some quite time, we’ve had our AC units, we might, accidentally or intentionally, miss the signs that our units actually need a tune-up. It would be a really huge relief that we take a look at the most common symptoms of potential AC problems.

If it seems like your AC blows warm air instead of cool air, it is best to have an effective tune-up. Ignoring this sign could just increase your energy bills as your unit would just run for unnecessarily long periods without your desired results.

Though it is good that your AC blows cool air, it doesn’t assure that your system is all good. If your AC vents put out cool air but are not blowing freely, this may mean that it has one or more leaky air ducts or a clogged filter. Also, if your AC unit shows a sudden and significant temperature change from room-to-room, a tune-up could help you determine the reason for this symptom. It would be a cheaper choice to have your AC checked immediately, rather than just shrugging it off your shoulder and paying extra expenses the end.

Another alarming sign to have your AC checked is if you hear unusual sounds emanating from your unit when it operates. To resolve, an immediate tune-up could help identify and early fix the source of these sounds.

In addition to warm air and unusual sounds, your AC could be having potential problems if there appears mold-inducing moisture or odor. This usually signals that your system’s outdoor compressor is leaking or having a clogged or broken drain tube. If you notice an unusual increased humidity in your rooms, this could be one of the reasons.

It is best to have an AC tune-up during early spring, or if not, during early summer. It gives your professionals just enough time to get checked and conditioned before you use it to cool your homes against summer heat. Also, while there are lots of do-it-yourself tips roving around the internet, it’s best to leave your AC tune-up to well-trained and qualified professionals. Acquiring professional service provides more assurance that your tune-up is effectively and timely completed. You wouldn’t deal with the hassle and the possible dilemma if you accidentally break your system while trying to be a hero. Professional service frees you from worry and further damage.

Whether we like it or not, our air conditioners could get beaten up for a long period of usage and act strangely. This is not a major problem and could actually be prevented if we schedule an early maintenance check as this will consequentially help us save a lot of time, effort, and money.

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Why You Need An Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

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There are several things that an AC tune-up includes such as comprehensive cleaning, inspection, and calibration.

In a usual air conditioner tune-up, a major part of it is inspection and cleaning. Your professional technician would inspect significant parts of your AC unit including, but not limited, to electrical connections, blowers, valves, indoor evaporator coils, and blower assemblies.

Inspecting your unit’s electrical connections prevents your AC from having its electrical components break which, if not checked, can eventually cause your system a full breakdown. Valves are also checked for possible leakage. Professional technicians target places where your refrigerant can leak to save your AC from shutting down on a hot summer day. Condense coils are ought to be washed to prevent dirt buildup and its possible consequent insulation against energy transfer. Blowers are also inspected and cleaned during a tune-up to keep your AC blowing cool air and free from any dirt and dust that could clog up your blower assembly. This saves your consumed energy and paid money.

Since excess moisture could grow worse and eventually clog up your AC, tune-ups keep your unit’s drain free of clogs, mold, and bacteria.

A good air conditioner tune-up also includes thermostat calibration. This method syncs your thermostat to your HVAC system. By doing so, you have full control over your system. This is an example of demand-side management, an approach for energy efficiency in which households monitor and adjust their energy usage in accordance with their needs. With this technique, energy is consumed only when it is needed and is not put to waste.

It is also important to evaluate air filters. This is a way to ensure that your family breathes clean and healthy air. Filters are crucial components of your AC systems and checking out your filters could immediately identify and clean any possible dirt that could go with the air that your AC is blowing.

Finally, after all the inspection, cleaning, and calibration, considered as equally essential is the application of lubricant to all your unit’s moving parts to assure smooth operation of the machine and cooler air for your homes.

Just like any other appliances we use for our comfort, we use AC systems to provide us with cool and clean air. Nevertheless, to achieve this convenience, responsible stewardship of your AC systems is a role you need to do.

This way, we become efficient beings as the energy saved, is money that is also saved.

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