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A lot of people are beginning to realize the importance of good indoor air quality of their houses or offices. You need to have a safe and healthy environment to avoid any inconvenience or health issues. Nowadays, various buildings are being developed that are aimed at developing a safe and secure environment for the people. Moreover, these are also contributing to saving energy.

Various places are prone to different natural calamities, which increases the risk of poor indoor quality. Also, it leads to putting excessive pressure on the HVAC system, which can further prove to be damaging to health and costly to the pocket. If you want to protect yourself from different natural calamities, not only do you need a secure environment but also a healthy work environment. There are several reasons why your business or home can be affected by poor indoor quality.

How does poor indoor air quality affect a business?

Several aspects may be affected by poor indoor qualities. If the companies do not focus on their air quality, they are putting a negative impact on the business. Some of the prominent reasons why indoor air quality will be affected by the business include the following:

It’s bad for business

Poor air quality is bad for business. Not only does it affect the economy, but it also has a negative impact on the health of your employees. If your city is more prone to bad air quality, the risk of bad air is also increased in business. Moreover, this affects the environment.

Affects the sustainability target

A lot of businesses these days are trying to eradicate the claustrophobic environment from their house and promote a science-related technique that can help in lowering the emissions. Air pollution is very common in industrial spaces where pollutants and harmful smokes are emitted regularly. These can be harmful to employees.

Air pollution will become a major concern for brands

Almost all the brands, in some way or the other, are contributing to the increasing air pollution in the world. They have been held to be responsible for the high levels of air pollution. They either burn fossil fuel, burning chemicals and so which leads to increased air pollution. The advancing technology can easily find out the growing air pollution in your industry and thus lead to a negative brand image.

What kind of air are you breathing?

Due to poor indoor quality, you need to understand what air you will be breathing. There are different aspects affecting air quality. As a result, it is your responsibility to understand what air you will be breathing. Some of the prominent ones include the following

  • Particulates: The particles that come from burning the harmful chemicals are trapped indoors. They may, however, be containing dust mites, fumes, and more. These particulates can further contribute to increased pollen and allergies.
  • Mold- People living in different parts of the world know how problematic mold infestation can be. Whether you are in a business area or home, a mold infestation can be one significant reason for poor indoor quality. The HVAC unit can be affected by it. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the HVAC system regularly to avoid the risk of mold infestation.
  • Volatile organic compounds- Most people do not understand the impact of VOCs on their health. These substances can cause a lot of trouble breathing. Also, volatile organic compounds are significantly found in synthetic carpets, woods, petroleum, plastic laminates, and more. These compounds are the leading cause of respiratory disorders, and more.

How to improve indoor air quality in the house and business sectors?

Undoubtedly, the level of contaminants is significantly rising in the business and housing sectors. Although you cannot eradicate them at once, efforts can be taken to solve the problem. Some of the prominent things you can try to improve indoor air quality include the following:

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1. Ventilate

It is extremely necessary to allow proper airflow for a healthy environment. The proper airflow will ensure that the air isn’t stagnant and is continuously circulated to have proper airflow. If you do not have a ventilator in your house, you can always keep your doors and windows open. This will help to get rid of the toxic air. Experts have often advised getting the ventilators installed in the kitchen. This can help in reducing air pollution to a significant aspect.

2. Install UV lights

Ultraviolet lights can be a great way to reduce the germs around. It can be effective for lowering all the HVAC problems. The UV lights contribute towards preventing the growth of molds and harmful bacteria in the house. This contributes to cleaning the air 24/7. Germicidal lights can also contribute towards increasing the lifespan of your HVAC system and put less stress on the unit.

3. Keep AC spotless

A clean and spotless air conditioner can play an important role in improving the air quality around the house by keeping the air fresh. It ensures regular filtration of air as it removes all the pollens and harmful substances from the air. However, you should maintain the air filters to avoid the risk of impure air. Clogged and jammed filters can lead to the system being damaged soon.

4. Salt lamps can be an effective solution

A lot of people do not like burning candles. Even though that’s okay, sometimes these candles can help to drive out the dirt from the house. If you don’t like candles, you can always choose a salt lamp. The salt lamps are usually made of Himalayan salt that can help to reduce the negative ions in the house, thereby preventing allergy.

5. Activated Charcoal

There are numerous benefits of activated charcoal and purifying air is one of them. Activated charcoal is used in different types of filters to improve air quality. If you put activated charcoal in your house, you can lessen the effect of contaminants. Activated charcoal is a major compound for different HEPA filters. Thus, you can check with them thoroughly and ensure proper cleaning.

Maintaining the HVAC system is extremely necessary if you want to improve indoor air quality. The status of your indoor air quality has an impact on your health. Therefore, you can check thoroughly and do it accordingly.

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