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Air balancing is usually carried out by HVAC experts. These people usually check the heating and cooling system of your house to ensure that there is no inconvenience. If you want a comfortable environment around your house, you need to balance the air.

A lot of people prefer doing it on their own. However, that will only increase the problems, if you don’t do it effectively. Since it is about the electrical equipment of your house, you should reach out to an expert. If you have hot and cold pockets in your house, make sure to contact the HVAC experts immediately.

What are hot and cold spots?

Many people have a tough time understanding the difference between hot and cold spots in the house. The hot and cold spots are usually the place in your house where there is enough temperature fluctuation due to the equipment being improperly cooled.

Hot spots can be extremely dangerous, leading to the entire system damage. Some equipment will eventually demand a lot of heat, and if they do not function properly, the heat will be distributed around the house. This will result in excessive pressure on the equipment with too much heat around the house.

Small changes in the cooling system can bring about a lot of heat in the house. If the equipment isn’t placed properly, it is sure to get excessively cooled or heated up. The disruption in air flow can bring about major changes. Cold spots can be the major reason for moisture danger. Like the hot spots, cold spots too may be the major reason for cold accumulation and eventually equipment damage.

Air Balancing Tips

1. Adjust the refrigerator

Adjusting the refrigerator is easy and effective. This small process can contribute to making a big change. If you are noticing hot and cold spots around your house, you should prefer adjusting the refrigerator for enhanced comfort. You should avoid closing the vents because it will only increase the hot and cold spots, thereby increasing the risks of equipment damaged. Since refrigerators release heat via the coils on its back, moving the refrigerator to the right place can help in getting rid of hot & cold spots.

If the weather is cool, you should lower the refrigerators temperature partially. You should adjust in small increments and then keep an eye on them. This will help you reach the ideal temperature suitable for your comfort.

2. Avoid airflow restriction

If you have vents around your house, you should prefer keeping them open rather than restricting the airflow. Proper airflow is extremely necessary around the house for better functioning. A lot of people cover the vents around the house, thereby restricting the flow.

If the vents are blocked, your HVAC system will need to work harder to keep the space cool. However, the vents act as an efficient system for free supply of air and water. You should arrange your furniture based on the size of the vents to ensure proper air flow. You can get the air deflector for better convenience and to avoid air from blowing away. The deflectors will keep a close check on the air circulation around the house.

3. Keep the air filters clean

System maintenance has always been the top priority when it comes to avoiding hot and cold spots around your house. If you want the HVAC system to function properly, you should ensure proper replacement of the filters. Most of the people are usually confused about how, when, why, and how often should the filter be changed.

If you are one of them, you should prefer reaching out to HVAC experts who can help you with the replacement procedure. A good HVAC technician will always ensure that the filter is clean and in a working condition. Some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy include the following:

  • Lowers the utility bill
  • Improves the system’s heating and cooling capacity
  • Regulates the airflow around the house thereby maintaining the quality indoors
  • Increases the life of your system

4. Install window treatments

Window treatments or window coverings can be one of the best ways to prevent external heat from heating up indoors. The windows have an important role in determining the comfort level of the house. Usually, the rooms without a window coverings such as blinds, shades get warmer quickly. Moreover, even if you are using an AC, it will take a lot of time to cool the environment.

This puts too much pressure on your system and reduces the lifespan. These window coverings can bring about a significant difference in the house. They will not only enhance the interior beauty but will also increase the comfort level. Moreover, they have been known to increase energy efficiency. It also allows the sunlight, which means you will have to use lesser electric tube lights. This helps in reducing your overall electricity utility bill.

5. Get extra return ducts

You may not realize the importance of return ducts, but they can play an important role in lowering the static pressures. Experts have often been of the view that the second return duct can improve the airflow bottleneck. Thus, including a second return duct in the system can prove to be fruitful for you.

6. Try two-degree offset

If there are two thermostats in your house, you should maintain them by setting them up to two degrees offset. This will help in maintaining the constant temperature around the house. Whatever way you are opting for, you should prefer assigning it in reverse order based on the seasons.

7. Check the placement of equipment

The larger electronic items are bound to be producing a large amount of heat. This may, however, cause disruptions in your comfort level. If you are placing computers or giant TV screens in your living room, it can distribute a lot of heat. As a result, you can keep a check with the vents.

You should strictly avoid placing any electrical equipment around the thermostat. The excessive heat can be a burden to your system. As a result, you should check how you have placed the equipment for better convenience.

Hot and cold spots can be easily avoided if you keep a close check on the system. As a result, you should prefer reaching out to the HVAC experts for additional and professional help.