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A Homeowner’s Complete Guide to Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Over the years, the central discussion of people has been an important part of the house. Although everyone consulted about the structure, no one talked about the aspects which contribute towards making the house safe. No one here is talking about your family members, but the small things which contribute towards making the house functional and safe to live in.

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Just like our body needs properly functioning organs, our house too needs one. If one thing or concept goes wrong, the whole working of the house is disturbed which further causes a problem. The bathroom has always been one of those areas where no one paid proper heed to. However, the bathroom is yet the most important aspect.

As a result, nowadays people are considering choosing exhaust fans for bathroom based on functionality. The running of the fan will allow you to ensure that the fan is in proper condition. However, these bathroom fans have a lot more than you think them to be.

Types of bathroom exhaust fans

Before you proceed to purchase the exhaust fans, you need to consider a lot of factors. You need to choose from the different types of bathroom exhaust fans. Some of the prominent ones include the following:

1. Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans

As the name suggests, ceiling mounted exhaust fans are one of the most common and prominent types. These are used in every household. As the name suggests, these fans are installed in the ceiling. It helps you to get rid of the air by pushing the air upwards. However, if this fan is connected to a duct, the air is pushed out through the external vent.

2. Wall-mounted fans

These are installed on the walls but aren’t very common. This allows the air to be passed out of a house. Since these allow air to pass by easily, no ductwork is required in this case.

3. Inline exhaust fans

These types of exhaust fans are installed in places where there is no ventilation for clearance or space for ceiling-mounted fans. They are installed in between ductwork. As they are not installed on the ceiling or walls, they do not make so much noise. So, if you aren’t looking for many sounds around your house, these inline exhaust fans may be the right choice to make.

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How to choose the right exhaust fan for your bathroom?

Well, now that you know about the different types of exhaust fans, your major concern would be about how to choose the exhaust fans. Every bathroom is different, and so are the requirements. Thus, before choosing the exhaust fan for your bathroom, you will need to consider a lot of factors such as the following

1. Check the airflow rating based on room size

All the exhaust fans are different, and they have an airflow rating that is measured based on cubic feet per minute. To check the CFM for your room, you need to check the size of your room based on square footage.

Usually, the limit for CFM of the bathroom is 50. But if your bathroom is more than 100 square feet, it may need A larger rating. As a result, you should check it thoroughly before making a decision.

2. Choose the noise level

Not to lie, but these bathroom exhaust fans make a lot of noise. The noise level for the exhaust fans is measured based on sones. One song is often considered to be equal to the sound of a running refrigerator. The normal noise level is considered to be the ones ranging from 1-4 sones.

Since most of us are very apprehensive about the noise level, you should prefer choosing a sound level which is tolerable for up to 15 minutes. This is usually because the fans take 15 minutes to retain the moisture. As per expert advice, do not run behind low sounds as they may not be the right choice always. However, the louder fans can be a problem too.

3. Check extra features

If you want your fan to have some extra features, you may check for them in the market. A lot of exhaust fans have extra features such as lights, heater, automated timers. Some even have a humidistat that operates based on the humidity level in the bathroom.

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Benefits of having bathroom exhaust fans

Bathrooms can become the breeding ground for bacterias and viruses. These may further spread into our houses causing problems. However, exhaust fans can prove to be of great help in this case. Some of the prominent benefits of the bathroom exhaust fans include the following

  • They help to get rid of the airborne bacteria breeding in your living space.
  • The bathroom exhaust fans lower the humidity in the air which prevents the accumulation of mildew or mold on the ventilation system.
  • With the help of bathroom exhaust fans, you can easily get rid of the unwanted smell.
  • The exhaust fans can remove the potential mold spores and other allergens from the house.

Maintenance of the bathroom exhaust fans

Once these bathroom exhaust fans are installed, you need to make sure to take care of it properly to avoid breakdown. One of the major problems can be the accumulation of steam on the mirror. If you haven’t noticed a proper accumulation of steam on the mirror, it can be a sign of a problem. Thus, it is better to get it checked.

If not by an expert, you should ensure proper deep cleaning of the system once in a year to ensure that the fan is free of dust and mold.

While you are deep cleaning the fan, make sure that the electricity isn’t functioning. To clean the fan, you need to remove the cover. The removal of the fan from the cover entirely depends on the model you chose. Mild washing with soap and warm water can be helpful for cleaning. Once you have cleaned it, you can reinstall it. But before reinstalling the fan, you should clean the surrounding parts too.

The bathroom exhaust fan can have an important role in determining the bathroom air quality. These heating and cooling condition system of the house ensures complete comfort. You should choose the right ventilation system to ensure proper cooling and heating of the house.

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