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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s just about the time when everyone will start depending on their air conditioner to be its optimal performance levels. However, if you’ve had your A/C for a while you might be wondering “When should I replace my air conditioner?” This is a common question majority of the homeowners and business owners have. After all, no one wants their old worn out A/C units to die on them right in the middle of summer. If this is the case for you, you’ve arrived at the perfect page. In this post 1st Class Heat and Air will be explaining when you should replace your air conditioner.

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How To Know When To Change Your A/C Unit?

Malfunctioning of your air conditioning system can affect your business and home life. This is why when getting a new A/C unit installed you should pay close attention to your home and business needs. It is always wise to get a new A/C unit installed instead of using a worn out, inefficient A/C because an old inefficient system can end up costing you much more over time.

When is it a better option to get a new A/C Unit instead of fixing the old one?

Air conditioners are a crucial part of your life. No matter if it’s your home or business. Imagine having a A/C unit go down right in the middle of summer in your business location. Now imagine the amount of discomfort it would cost not only you, your employees but more crucially your customers. Who would want to go into a shop in the middle of summer without air conditioning. In fact you would be lucky if customers don’t run out of your shop. The same discomfort can be felt at home. Especially the little ones who can’t cope with the heat for even a day. Instead of causing havoc on your family, employees, customers or yourself, you should be well aware of when it’s the right time to change your A/C unit. Here, we’re going to give you the best questions that you need to ask yourself, your HVAC technician or dealer before buying a new air conditioner system:

7 Points to consider when getting a new air conditioner unit installed

1. Consider your home or office needs first:

The air conditioner should be selected according to the needs of the family or office/shop location. You can also ask your HVAC technician about this, who would be in a better position to tell you about the exact measurements with the cooling or heating power your home/office/shop requires. You can check out this page to read on the 8 types of A/C units available and their pros and cons. A professional certified HVAC tech will usually come into your location and do an initial survey to figure out which A/C system best fits the needs of the location getting a new system.

A common mistake you might make when trying to figure this out on your own is buying an A/C unit that either over-performs (costing you more) or underperforms (causing discomfort even after getting a new a/c installation). So instead of trying to do the math yourself its always best to call an expert like 1st Class Heat & Air to come to your location and do an initial survey and give you the best options for a new A/C unit.

2. Keep increasing of utility bills in mind:

It’s a proven fact that happy employees have a higher productivity level. Keep your employees happy especially in the summer with your A/C unit working to its optimal level. But using an old A/C system to cool your environment can cause stress on your finances. If your utility or energy bill is continuously increasing, it may indicate that your air conditioners are not efficient and you need a new a/c installed. If you do not adhere to the proper maintenance of the air conditioner, it will also become a cause to become inefficient or worse go down completely sooner than it was supposed to. Not getting your yearly a/c maintenance will decrease the life of your air conditioner system quicker.

Using an old, inefficient A/C unit can cause your energy bills to increase since your systems have to work harder with more stress on the system, to keep a comfortable temperature in your building. Another problem with using an old worn out A/C system is you run the risk of it breaking down right in the middle of summer when you need it the most.

3. Frequent Maintenance Required:

If your air conditioner has not been properly maintained it may also become a cause for replacement. Various functions strive harder during the operation which increases the energy bill rapidly. If you are frequently calling an HVAC technician and problems occur week after week, you really need to consider replacing your air conditioner as soon as possible. Also, AC services can be highly cost-consuming so if you’ve been calling your HVAC tech consistently to repair issues it’s maybe time you sit down and make the tough decision of getting a new A/C system.

4. Is your A/C unit over 10 Years old:

If your air conditioner has become older than 10 years, it needs replacement. You should understand that most air conditioners are made to endure an efficient operation until 10 years approximately. So it’ll inevitably start providing inefficient performance and it also increases your energy bills with less heating or cooling or dehumidifying.

5. Environmental Conditions:

Your air conditioner not only controls temperatures but also manages humidity levels. Depending on your location and the coming wrath of global warming, each location within the United States has different humidity levels. Since environmental conditions change over time it might become necessary for you to change out your A/C system. Usually, people think that if they are feeling the discomfort of heat all they need is to cool down their environment and this would make them comfortable. However, this is not the case in every situation. Why? well because the cause of discomfort can be due to high levels of humidity. This is why you need an A/C system that efficiently does it’s magic to keep a comfortable humidity level. Constant high levels of humidity can also cause mold build-up within your environment which can lead to health problems down the road.

6. The air quality of your location:

Air quality has an effect on the performance of your A/C unit and since different regions have different air quality, one A/C unit that does just fine in one region may not be suitable in another region. So if you’ve been upset from the toxins or mildew, you should go for checking the air quality index of your area that can help you out in dealing with the situation effectively. You should also check the performance of the air conditioners if you’re going to purchase a new unit that can decrease your problems drastically in the future.

7. Condition of your ductwork:

You should always check the ductwork condition yourself or get a professional to do so because it will help you in purchasing the right A/C unit for your home or business. When checking ductwork you should keep an eye out for the clogging and leaking with the improper size of vents that will help realize the recent condition of your air conditioning system. Gaps in ductwork have been known to lead to abnormal operation of the A/C and it can cause an efficient temperature level in your home. Lastly, your utility bills also increase and put extra pressure on your pocket.

The Conclusion

It is always wise and advisable to get an A/C Checkup before retiring the old unit. Typically an A/C check-up at 1st Class Heat and Air costs roughly $49, which can help you decide whether you should stick with your current A/C unit or change it out and get a new A/C unit installed.

If you’re still juggling with the question “When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?” then your best option is to call in an expert and get their opinion. The HVAC techs at 1st Class Heat & Air are honest professionals who will be straight forward and help you cut the guess work out. Whether your systems need to be replaced with a new one or if your current A/C systems still have some years left in it, the professionals at 1st Class Heat & Air will let you know.

Do not risk having your A/C system going down on you right in the middle of summer especially if you’re a business owner. Call in a professional to give you an accurate current condition of your current a/c system. Instead of stressing and worrying about when your A/C system might break down, get a professional opinion, and hey, after all, it may be the case that you only need to get some maintenance work done and you’re good to go.

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