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When it comes to choosing home central air conditioners, there are several brands in the market. But to choose the best brand, you need to consider a lot of factors. Based on the purpose, you should be choosing either a residential or commercial HVAC company. You can consider the locations and proceed accordingly.

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As a homeowner, buying a new central air conditioner can be pretty expensive. However, it is worth it. Based on the age of your HVAC system, you can consider a replacement or buying one. Generally, the lifespan of the air conditioner is 10 years. However, it may decrease or increase depending on how you maintain the system.

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What to consider before buying a Central Air Conditioner?

Once you have decided that you need a central air conditioner in your house, you may need to consider a lot of factors. Ranging from price to efficiency, you need to consider all this so that you can keep yourself comfortable during the summer months. The right central air can help to bring about a significant difference in the efficiency and comfort of your house. Moreover, it can also help to improve indoor air quality.

Some of the prominent factors that you should be considering while getting the central air conditioner to include the following:

A/C Unit Size

Size has always been a prominent concern while getting the right air conditioner. To keep your house comfortable, you should be choosing the right size of the air conditioner. Often people believe that the bigger, the better. However, it is a common misconception. The size of the central air conditioner you choose will depend on several factors such as the size of windows, wall insulation level, size of the home, and more. It is better to reach out to an expert to determine the right size.

If you buy a bigger AC, it won’t do any good rather it may end up costing you more down the road. Rather than removing the humidity, it will result in dampening walls. Moreover, the undersized AC can hamper the comfort level. This is why it is very important to get the right A/C unit size and to find out the perfect size for your home it is best to get the professionals to find out for you.

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Air Conditioner Sound

You must be aware that central air conditioners make a lot of noise while working. However, this used to happen in older models and does not happen in the newer models. The newer models are a lot quieter and are available in different levels of sounds. Since the market is filled with products, you can easily find them. If your system has a low sound rating, it is sure to emit less sound. Generally, it is suggested to get a system with 7.6 bels of sound rating.

A/C Energy Efficiency

If you do not focus on the energy efficiency of the system while buying it, you need to be extremely careful with it. The best and cooling efficiency of the system usually varies between 40-60%. It is necessary to choose the system with the right efficiency so that it decreases electricity bills and affects the environment negatively.

You can find the right systems in the market. Make sure to choose the system that has a high SEER rating. Generally, the rating should vary from 14.5 to 21. However, you should choose a system with a higher SEER rating generally up to 15. If you invest high right now, it can prove to be fruitful in the longer run.

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A/C Unit Warranty

Warranty of the central air conditioners matters when choosing the system. The warranty, however, varies depending on the manufacturers. Based on your model, you may get a warranty extending up to 10 years. Before choosing the model, you should be looking at the warranty properly. Also, depending upon the maintenance of the system, the lifespan of the system can be increased as well as decreased.

Air Conditioner System Installation

Often the company technicians provide installations as well. Reputable companies provide proper installation of the system. It is one of the most important aspects of your investment. If you are looking for investment, you should ask for referrals and quotations from the contractors. The contractor usually gives you an estimation based on the cooling load. Based on that you should be checking for the SEER ratings. As a result, you should be checking the warranty and service contractor.

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A/C Compressors

It is necessary to give value to the compressors when choosing the central air conditioning system. It is one of the necessary aspects to enhance the cooling impact around the house. There are two types of compressors: single-stage and double-stage. The single-stage ones have limited AC speed while the double stage offers high go low cycle. The two-stage one is one of the most efficient systems since you get the option to reduce the utility bills. You should be choosing a central air conditioning system that has a two-stage compressor.

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Why is Lennox the best Central Air Conditioner?

If you have been considering getting a central air conditioning system around your house, nothing can be better than a Lennox. There are several reasons why you may consider getting a Lennox central air conditioner around your house. Some of the prominent ones include the following:

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High Efficiency

Lennox produces some high-efficiency air conditioning system with the updated technology. Not only does it help you in saving money but it increases the lifespan as well. Most of the systems are energy-rated. As a result, you can consider getting the energy-rated ones.

Better reputation

Truly, Lennox is one of the most reputed central air conditioning brands around the world. These central air conditioners are reputed as one of the most long-lasting ones. If you don’t believe it, you can check the online reviews as well. These are often hailed as the best ones.

Increased warranties

Compared to other brands, Lennox provides high warranties to all its products. Since you get a warranty on all the products, you can be at peace for the fact that you have coverage even if something goes wrong.

Modern Technology

Lennox entirely depends on modern technology. You can control the system via your mobile, which eventually helps in increasing the comfort around your house.

Lennox central air conditioning systems can help to bring about significant changes in your house. You should be careful with the system and ensure proper maintenance to avoid inconvenience. Make sure to choose the right installing company to make a difference.

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