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The Evolution of the Modern HVAC System

Modern day homeowners have come to expect an HVAC System that’s reliable, energy efficient, and dependable in delivering comfort. Over the past few decades, numerous manufacturing and technology improvements have provided homeowners big energy savings. In addition, they also provide a longer life system and a home that’s healthier and more comfortable. When it comes to choosing the best AC Company in Plano, TX, the team at 1st Class Heat and Air knows consumers want to hire an HVAC company that offers the most technologically advanced products and services that deliver the most value.

With over 30+ years of experience in the industry, 1st Class Air Heat & Air has witnessed the transformation of HVAC systems. We will always be on the forefront to deliver amazing long-term value for customers.

Here are Five Ways HVAC Systems and Services have Improved Throughout the Years.

Leading to More Comfort and Energy Efficiency in the Home

HVAC System Designs

There have been numerous advances in manufacturing and design that have incrementally stretched system performance. The result is lower power consumption requirements with higher Seer Ratings. Here are a few of these advancements.

  • Variable Speed Fans – Most dated hvac systems have standard blower fans with a single speed. Modern day furnaces have variable speed fans that reduce operating costs. This provides more comfort by automatically adjusting and controlling the flow of heated or cooled air throughout your home.
  • Multi-Stage Compressors – Compressors play a major factor in energy consumption and many modern day air conditioning units have multi-stage compressors. Unlike standard AC units, Multi-Stage units have more than one operational speed. This innovation creates major energy savings, better temperature precision in your home, and a longer service life.

Indoor Air Quality

Whole home air purification systems have made tremendous advancements in recent years and have become a popular indoor air quality system add-on as homeowners are investing more in the quality of air circulating throughout their home. Air purification systems connect directly to the home’s HVAC system or ductwork and are highly effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria in the air. In addition, UV light technology has improved and gained traction in recent years despite its availability dating back to the 90’s. UV light technology kills bacteria and viruses before it circulates in your house and can provide additional benefits such as energy efficiency and improved airflow. 

Whole Home Dehumidifiers

Summers in Texas are HOT! As humidity takes hold, your home can retain moisture. This not only creates discomfort, but can become a breeding ground for mold and other pathogens. Whole Home Dehumidifiers are stand alone systems that attach directly to your system and support a healthier and comfortable home. These dehumidifiers have grown in popularity as energy efficiency enhancements have been made. A whole home dehumidifier is up to 4 times more energy efficient than room dehumidifiers.

Smart Thermostats

With the rise of advanced technology, managing the temperature in your home has evolved from a cumbersome manual process to an autonomous process. Smart thermostats can ensure a comfortable home temperature as well as energy consumption savings. This technologically advanced product allows a homeowner to control their system with a smartphone, manage a temperature schedule, and benefit from sensors that detect nearby movement to better regulate when your system is running.

Maintenance Programs

Although not a technologically improved product or system, regular maintenance programs offered by HVAC companies are relatively new, having gained popularity over the past 5-10 years. HVAC maintenance programs are proving to extend the life of HVAC systems, improve system dependability, and ensure energy efficiency as a result of running entire AC system checks and mitigating system risks and degradation. Learn more about 1st Class Heat and Air’s Maintenance Plans!

*Our residential maintenance contract prices have recently been updated.

Option 1 – $135.00 per year (or $11.25 monthly)

Option 2 – $357.00 per year (or 29.75 monthly)

1st Class Heat and Air Provides Modern Equipment and Service for Comfort and Efficiency

Consumers who haven’t upgraded their HVAC systems in 5-10 years are often amazed with the number of technologically advanced products made available to them. The advancements in modern systems create big long-term savings potential and a more comfortable home for the average homeowner. Upgrading or adding on to your HVAC system should bring tremendous benefits and is easier than ever with our HVAC financing options.