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Changing the furnace filter can have a significant impact on your life. This is because it helps to improve your life and your lifestyle. The air quality indoors is constantly contaminated due to the different indoor pollutants. The presence of these pollutants, make the air five times worse than the air outdoors.

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The right furnace filter can bring about a significant change in your life, lifestyle, and indoor air quality. It helps to prevent the contaminants from entering the area and improves the airflow around the house. You should prefer to get the right HVAC system for your house. As a result, you can prefer choosing the best HVAC contractor for your house who can help you determine the right choice for your home.

Your indoor air quality is constantly affected by pollutants. Small cracks and openings make way for the particles to get into your house. These increase the pollution in your house. Dust mites, auto emissions, chemical fires, smokes, pollen are some of the potential pollutants that can harm the overall indoor air quality.

Changing furnace filters is important

If you leave the furnace filter uncleaned, the dust and germs may only build up. This will further restrict the airflow and Pa way for more pollutants to harm your house. However, changing the furnace filter can help in improving the indoor air quality. If you do not clean it, the accumulation will build-up, forcing the furnace filter to work harder. This will further increase your energy bills, costing you a lot of money.

Why change the furnace filter?

Often people look for the main reason behind changing the furnace filter. The main reason is to improve indoor air quality and promote a healthy lifestyle. However, there is more to why you should prefer changing the furnace filter in time. Some of the prominent reasons include the following

1. Clogged filters make the system inefficient

If you want your system to run smoothly, you will need to replace the furnace filters regularly. If dust and dirt accumulate on the furnace filter, it will need to work harder than before. This will either lead to an early breakdown of the system or disrupt the whole system and cause you more expenses. An inefficient system is sure to increase the electricity bill along with carbon footprint, thereby costing you a lot. However, replacing them is a better effect and cheaper solution.

2. They are bad for health

Dirty or clogged filters will promote the dirt to float in the indoor air freely. This makes you and your close ones vulnerable to bad air, which may further cause serious health problems such as allergy, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. However, a clean filter can trap all the germs thereby promoting fresh and healthy air around the house.

3. Dirty filters cost a lot of maintenance

Dirty furnace filters can prove to be extremely expensive as they will eventually cost you a lot for maintenance. If the ductwork isn’t working due to the blower, you will need to keep a constant check on it. Therefore, you should schedule proper furnace filter maintenance. Moreover, apart from spending on maintenance, you can use the money for something else. As a result, you should schedule it regularly.

4. Lower the system lifespan

If the furnace filters are clogged, it will need to work harder to ensure proper air quality. This can further lead to system overheating and burning out. This excessive pressure on the system can lead to its premature damage and even failure. You should prefer choosing a reliable system to avoid failure. However, you should prefer changing the system as soon as you can to avoid any mistakes.

5. Keeps the home health

A clean furnace filter will ensure that there is no dust accumulation in the house. It will prevent the dust from circulating in the house. Lesser the dust around the house, the healthier will be the people living. Thus, a clean filter can solve almost half of your problems.

When Should You Change Furnace Filters?

If you are sitting idly, you may prefer getting a thorough check of the furnace filter as it is beneficial for your health. You should prefer choosing a smooth functioning system to avoid any inconvenience. Usually, it is suggested to prepare a checklist around the year for home maintenance. Moreover, you should prefer changing your furnace filter based on the routine along with normal scheduled maintenance.

The clogging of the filters can itself be an indication to change the furnace filter. But, it can, later on, prove to be a problem. However, if you notice any signs of a damaged filter, you can change it. One common sign that your filter requires to be changed is that the system starts making noises than the usual. You can prefer routine maintenance and proceed accordingly.

How To Change Furnace Filters?

You always don’t need to call the experts for changing the furnace filter, but you can do it on your as well. If you prefer to change the furnace filter on your own, you should make sure to follow the steps mentioned below

  • Check the size of the filter

You should begin by checking the size of the filter you will need. Make sure to check the arrow of the filters to determine which way the air flows. However, you can prefer using sticky notes to remind you about the steps. It is better to remove the filter for better advantages.

  • Get the right replacement

After determining the size of the filter, you should prefer getting the replacement of the right size. These filters can be easily found in stores. If you are purchasing it online, you should do it thoroughly so that you get discounted rates.

  • Install the filter

The filter comes with marking so that you can easily install it. It is recommended to slide it and cover it up. Once you change it, make sure to take a note of it, so that you can change it again based on the date.

You can easily change the furnace filter on your own so that it will help you save a lot of money. It completely depends on how and when you prefer to place the filter. Moreover, you can also ask for extra help from experts if you cannot do it. Often it is suggested to change the furnace filter once in a month.

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