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Here’s Why Lennox Is the Best Home AC Unit

When it comes to choosing the best home air conditioner unit, there has often been a long debate about which is the best home ac unit. Although you may find a lot of ac brands in the market, you need to check many factors before picking out the best home ac unit. Home air conditioners can be very complex, which is why you will need to consult with experts before buying one. If your considering a new home ac unit than this post is for you.

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Best Home AC Unit

Before we explain why Lennox is the best home ac unit there are some measures you can take to find out if Lennox is right for you. You need to do thorough research on the features, efficiency ratings, and compatibility of a Lennox ac unit for your location. Lennox manufactures a large number of home air conditioner units, each with its own specs, features, and advantages. No matter what your budget is, or requirements are, you can be sure Lennox has a system for you. But it is your job to pick the right Lennox system for you. If you do not have a technical background, this task can be a bit complex. This is why it is always wise to have a professional come do a site survey in advance.

Even the world’s best home ac units will need regular preventive maintenance & tune-ups to keep them running smoothly. Thus, if you want your new home ac unit to last for many years and provide peak performance and efficiency, you will need to get regular maintenance done. Another thing to keep in mind is that each ac model is different, even if it’s manufactured by the same company. Each model will have its own pros & cons and requirements.

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What is the central air conditioners?

Central air conditioning systems are placed at the central location to ensure the entire house is cooled thoroughly. The air is distributed throughout evenly from one room to another with one or more fans and ductwork. It is dependent on the compressor to allow the entire air to be distributed thoroughly. The compressor has refrigerant gas which discharges the heat out of the house. This helps in cooling the house properly.

Types of home ac units

There are different types of home air conditioners, and they are pretty effective. They are available in two types: packaged unit and split system.

Split System

The split home air conditioner consists of outdoor metal cabinets inclusive of compressor and condenser while the indoor units contain evaporator. These systems are extensively used around the house.

Packaged System

Package home air conditioner systems are one of the most prominent ones. All the functioning units of the air conditioner such as condenser, evaporator, and compressor are located in the single cabinet itself which is further placed in the roof or concrete slab outside.

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Types of Lennox home ac units

When it comes to choosing home air conditioners, people over time have been considering Lennox. Lennox products are engineered so that they will provide maximum efficiency and comfort. When Lennox products work in association with each other, it can deliver the best results. Truly, there is always a Lennox system for every household.

Home Comfort System

The home comfort system is often referred to as a split system AC, which is pretty common. These systems usually comprise of Indoor unit, thermostat, and outdoor unit. They are designed to improve the indoor air quality of your house.

Packaged System

If your home lacks a basement but has a crawlspace, you can always opt for Lennox packaged systems. This can eventually play an important role in increasing the comfort of your house. The packaged system is usually comprised of a lot of components like any other typical Lennox HVAC system. All the components are however joined into the single unit.

Indoor Air Quality System

Looking forward to improving the indoor air quality of your house? Nothing can be a better choice than Lennox. They are designed to maintain a healthy climate in the house. It comprises of cleaners and humidifiers which can eventually help to improve energy efficiency around the house with heating and cooling. These systems can eventually help you to get away with the slightest of all problems just allergens and humidity imbalance.

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Zoning System

If you own a Lennox Zoning system, you can regulate the temperature of the entire house. Moreover, you can also control the temperature of specific areas in the house. This will not only help in enhancing the comfort around the house but also help you save a lot in the utility bills.

Mini-split System

If you need a functional HVAC system only around certain areas of the house, you can always get Lennox mini-split systems. Smart and flexible solutions power them. You can install this around rooms that are warm and not connected to the ductwork. Hence, when you have mini-split systems, you do not need to undergo any complicated installation, but you can do it all on your own.

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Why is Lennox the best home ac unit?

When it is about choosing central air conditioners, often people have voted for Lennox. There are several reasons for doing this, and one of the major reasons is comfort and flexibility with the system.

Lennox is hailed as the best brand for central air conditioning systems because it has the highest seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The SEER rating of the Lennox central air conditioning system extends up to 26 SEER. Hence if you want increased comfort with lower electricity bills, you can always choose Lennox over others. While other brands have a maximum SEER rating of 21, Lennox extends up to 26.

Since Lennox air conditioning systems have such a high ratio, it is general for the prices to be a bit high as well. But don’t worry, there are Lennox central air conditioning systems that are extremely affordable and have a SEER rating of 13.

Lennox sells about 11 central air conditioner models, but 9 of them are already energy qualified. Thus, they will consume less energy, and you will get to save money on your utility bill. Most of the Lennox models have two-stage compressors, but others can manage the system and run at different speeds. Since you have more speed options, you can have easy and better control over your air conditioning system. As a result, Lennox has always maintained its position of staying on the top, ahead of others as the central air conditioning brand.

Lennox products are usually made of galvanized steel coated with a zinc base. Due to such construction, they can easily last in any weather without inconvenience. Most of us do not like our air conditioner system making sounds. Lennox has solved this problem as well since they are quiet with the sound ranging up to 59 decibels. Therefore, there is no way you will be disturbed by the system. Lennox products come with a long term warranty extending up to ten years.

Hence, if you have been looking for the best home ac unit for your house at an affordable rate with increased efficiency and warranty, you can consider purchasing a Lennox home ac unit.

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