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Is heating repair being put off? It’s getting so late in the heating season, you’ll wait until next winter. There are some cold temperatures in the forecast, and suddenly they are here. It’s low 20’s at night, and 30’s for the days, and now it’s bitter cold in your house. It’s not too late, there are more cold days ahead. Go ahead and make that call. We can repair your gas furnace or electric air handler today.

Do Not Get Caught Off Guard by Delaying a Heating Repair.

Schedule your heating repair today. Do not get caught off guard. The next cold front will come and you still won’t have heat. Then you will be dealing with crawling out from under those toasty warm covers into a frigid cold ice house. Just make the repair today. You certainly won’t be making a heating repair during the torrid heat of summer. By the time you remember it will be another icy blast from the north. When the tech finally is called, he won’t be telling you it’s a good thing that you waited a year to make the repair as prices have fallen. Make the call today.

Do Not Do Damage to the System

Operating heating equipment that it not functioning properly could put excessive wear and tear on your equipment. An electric air handler that it operating with part of the heating elements burnt out will run continuously to heat the home. This means that the motor will run continuously. A heat pump with a leaking coil will also run constantly. This can needlessly damage the heating and air conditioning system. Try our heating check if you don’t feel your home is heating properly.

Do Not Waste Your Money

Patching an old heating system can be a waste of money. Let the technician evaluate your equipment if you have an expensive repair. A new system replacement may be the best option. This of course depends on the age and condition of the equipment and the cost of the repair. If you are considering new equipment, consider a Lennox high-efficiency system.

Choose 1st Class Heat & Air for your heating repair service. Call us today at 972-673-0408 .