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If you live in the state of Texas and are tired of high electricity bills, This post is for YOU!

Whenever winter arrives, most of the families get worried about the extra costs. High heating bills are a common scenario during winters. However, it shouldn’t be that common because, with time, improvements have been made in the system for the convenience of the customers.

High heating bills cause excessive stress and are annoying too. One of the major drawbacks is that it hampers the overall money calculation. But, if you are receiving high heating bills for quite some time now, you may want to see an expert. There are high probabilities of problems in your HVAC system which is why there is excessive stress on your heating hills.

Causes for high heating bills: Texas

There may be numerous reasons for high heating bills. However, it is always suggested to see an expert who can help to find the potential cause of damage. Some of the prominent reasons for high heating bills include the following.

1. Poor maintenance of thermostat

Usually, experts recommend a level for the thermostat temperature during the winters. The ideal temperature is set to be 68°F. However, not everyone sticks to it. Many are in the habit to constantly fluctuate the temperature which results in a high electricity bill. The lower the thermostat temperature, the higher will be the heating bill.

If you have an automatic thermostat, you can set it at a particular temperature when you are not at home. This will ensure that the furnace consumes lesser power and eventually lesser heating bill.

2. Dirty furnace filter

One of the major reasons why your HVAC is not working properly is the dirty furnace filter. The dirt keeps depositing onto the filter from the entry point thereby resulting in a clog. This prevents the circulation of air and the system becoming poorly aerated. This eventually results in excessive heating of the filter resulting in malfunctioning of the system.

3. Poor maintenance of the gas furnace

If the furnace is not being maintained properly, the heating bills are likely to increase. This is because such furnaces usually take more time than usual for heating the room.

The normal furnaces do not take too much time to heat the room thereby preventing the heating bills from increasing. However, if you do not service the furnace regularly, the heating system will take a lot of time to heat the room. This will eventually result in higher heating bills. So, make sure to contact a technician who can check the furnace and offer the most applicable solution by fixing it.

4. Air leakage from home

Not many may realize but air leakage is a prominent problem. Air leakage in the house can make it hard for the systems to heat the room. If you are suspecting any such damage, you should prefer reaching out to an expert. The professional check will help to determine the point of leakage. You can consult the professional in fixing the air leak soon. Another prominent solution to this problem is insulating the house. However, the solutions may usually depend on the area of the leak.

How should you cut down on the heating bills in Texas?

If you have been giving away way too much for your heating bills, every month, you are spending more than necessary. Although it is preferable to get the system checked, the expensive bills may not always be the result of a damaged system. However, you should also look forward to maintaining things that can help you save money. Various ways can help you enjoy the warmth even during winters. This can help you to reduce the excessive heating bills.

  • Allow the sunlight in the home

Most of us don’t realize the importance of sunlight. Allowing sunlight in the room during the daytime can heat the room easily. All you need to do is open the curtains of the window facing the sun during the day to ensure that most of the sunlight gets in the house. If you want, you can also consider installing a skylight in your house for better benefits.

  • Insulate the pipes

During the winters, you should prefer insulating the pipes and covering them with foam. This will help to keep the water flowing in them warm. Therefore, your heater won’t need to work too much to keep the water warm which will eventually lead to lower heating bills. Apart from that, you should also ensure that the pipe-entering hole is closely sealed preventing termites and cold air into your house.

  • Insulate the house

More than insulating the pipes, insulating the house is extremely important. Small gaps and cracks can make cold air rush into your house, thereby making your heating systems work harder. The unnecessary cold in the house is the major reason why your heating bills are going up. It is always a good idea to insulate the attic. It prevents the cold from getting into the house. You can consult an expert who would install sealants into the attic thereby preventing the unnecessary cold from getting into the house.

  • Cover the windows

While it is always a good idea to open up the windows to allow the warmth of the sun. But the sun may always not be shining bright during the winters. In such cases, your brightly opened windows would just be allowing cold in your house. This will mean that your heating system needs to put in extra force to heat the house. As a result, covering the windows with curtains itself can play a great role. You should prefer keeping windows closed when there’s no sun or during the evening.

  • Don’t use unnecessary heat

Even though it may be a tempting idea to sit by the heater during winter, using them unnecessarily would only welcome excessive hills. You should prefer switching off the system when it is not in use or when you are going out of the room.

The reasons for high electricity bills can vary. It is your responsibility to take minor steps and prevent the major mishap from happening. Being a little care can prove to be fruitful in many ways.

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