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If you’ve been considering a new A/C unit for your home or office, than you’ve arrived at the perfect page. In this post we will be going over the top 6 best air conditioner brands that you can buy for your home or office.

Hint: Best Air Conditioner Does Not Mean The Cheapest A/C Unit

1st Class Heat & Air, Texas

Summer is here at your doorsteps, and you just cannot tackle the heat and humidity without a reliable central A/C. Another reason this is the perfect time to get a high quality central A/C unit installed is due to global warming. As everyone already knows global warming is only going to get worse with time, which means each coming year its going to get worse and unpredictable weather. This also means with each coming year as the heat rises and the heat waves get worse, more and more people are going to have to upgrade to better AC Brands because the older models just can’t keep up. Now if you tie all of this in, it means that every year the prices of air conditioner brands is only going to go up.

Best Time To Get A New Air Conditioner Unit

This is why its the best time to either get a brand new central air conditioner installed or if you already have one then its the best time to get an upgrade to a high quality a/c unit brand. Whatever you situation may be, one fact is clear that the old times of living without an air conditioner are long gone. In-fact global warming has forced lots of people to buy central air conditioners, especially the ones who never knew what an A/C was or looked like.

If places that were covered with snow all year long are now experiencing temperatures of 80’s F and 90’s F, imagine what places like Texas are going through during the summer months. And to top it off its only going to get hotter with each passing year. So if you’re one of those people who live in places like Texas than it would be in your best interest to find the best air conditioner brand and have it installed by professionals.

Luckily for you 1st Class Heat & Air has done the hard work of researching and combined it with their experience to compile a list of the 6 top best air conditioner brands in the market.

Why choose a central air conditioner?

While there are a lot of types of air conditioner, it is often advised to choose a central air conditioner for various reasons. Central air conditioners are not only easy to use but can deliver high-quality performance throughout to keep you comfortable. Before choosing an air conditioner, you should ensure to do thorough research about the products and the budget. Make sure to choose an air conditioner that can fit all your requirements. As per the government rules, you need to check how much energy the air conditioner can help you save.

What to look for in a central air conditioner?

While buying a central air conditioner can be tempting, you may need to check with the market thoroughly. Being aware of all the rules can help you choose the right central air conditioning system for your house.

No matter which brand you choose, it is necessary to be aware of the HVAC system. The brand reputation in the market matters as well. Often people take into consideration, the lifespan, cost, and functionality. This will help to make it easier for you to find the best central air conditioner.

New Air Conditioner Unit

Quality: The quality of the central air conditioner is extremely important. This will determine how much you will be paying. The brands usually offer high quality at a much cheaper rate. This prevents you the option of replacement. Every brand is different, and each of them would be different.

Lifespan: Before buying the AC, you should be considering the lifespan. AC repairs can be costly, but once you have an idea about the lifespan, it will be easier for you to buy the AC. The average lifespan of a central air conditioner is supposed to be 12 to 15 years.

Warranty: Always make sure that you have checked the warranty of the central air conditioner before you buy it. Some of the brands come with a warranty of more than ten years.

Your Location & Requirements: This aspect of choosing a AC unit brand is one of the most important and often overlooked. What this means is that each A/C unit is good for a certain type of area, region and size. For example if you buy a a/c unit that is able to cool a 2000/sq ft house but you house is 5000/ sq ft than it wont be very effect. And if you are not really knowledgeable about a/c units then it might seem a bit confusing how to determine the ac cooling capacity and if its right for you. Same goes for each home location. Every home or office is wired up differently you need to make sure if the A/C unit you want to buy would be compatible for your electrical requirements at your location. These are technical issues and thus often overlooked by people when they are in the market for a new AC unit.

Air Conditioner Buying Tip

This post is a great starting point for figuring out the best AC brand but it does not mean its the best unit for your location. To figure out what is the best air conditioner unit within a certain brand FOR YOUR LOCATION it is best to have a HVAC tech come out in advance and do a thorough survey of the location. Doing this will avoid many costly headaches you may encounter later on. If you live in the state of Texas, calling 1st Class Heat & Air can be one of the best decisions you make in getting a brand new A/C unit. 1st Class Heat & Air is the prominent HVAC company of Texas. They provide affordable, reliable and best of all honest HVAC services.

6 Best Air Conditioner Brands

Some of the prominent central air conditioning brands you can get for the comfort of your house or office include the following:

1. Lennox AC Unit

Undoubtedly, Lennox has to be your #1 choice when it comes to selecting central air conditioning. These are the most known for efficiency. Lennox air conditioners have received the energy efficiency rating 9. According to experts, the SEER rating of the air conditioner can range up-to as high as 26. Lennox air conditioner systems can provide you the SEER rating of 14-26. Not only are they affordable, but they can be easily installed in the house.

2. Carrier AC Unit

Carrier is one of the most known brands of the central air conditioning units. These are considered to be the top liners of the industry. Carrier always ensures to take care of the quality. They come with a high SEER rating, and the installation process is very affordable. The Carrier air conditioning units come with extra features which ensures that you find everything for your heating and cooling system. The SEER rating of Carrier is 21. The repair procedure is very affordable compared to other systems of the industry. It also offers a wide range of HVAC systems such as gas furnaces, heat pumps, and more.

3. York AC Unit

York HVAC systems have considered being one of the most popular AC units because they are affordable. According to the reports, the installation process of York costs around $3200 to be installed. The SEER rating of York HVAC systems is pretty high ranging up-to 20 SEER. The installation process may charge higher depending on requirements. One of the main advantages of York HVAC systems is that they do not make much noise. Hence, if you do not want a system that makes too much noise, you should be choosing York HVAC system but if its efficiency your looking for than Lennox is the no. 1 choice.

4. Goodman AC Unit

Goodman air conditioners are extremely popular among the public for they are affordable and functional. They may not be like Trane or Car
rier, but they are one of the best a/c units. Compared to other HVAC units, Goodman is pretty affordable and comes from a high-quality brand. The installation charges are pretty affordable, as well. If you are looking for a system with high build and quality and proper warranty, you can always rely on Goodman. Goodman provides you the value for your money on the AC units. But like I mentioned earlier price should not be your only factor in deciding the best A/C unit. Efficiency (SEER RATING) should be the key factor.

5. Rheem AC Unit

Rheem air conditioners are considered to be the best, rather the highest quality air conditioner in the industry. They are extremely popular for their innovations and provides high-quality warranties. Over the years, there have been several models which were present for an affordable rate along with the installation process. If you are looking forward to the best central air conditioners for your home to ensure maximum comfort, then you should always be choosing Rheem HVAC units, but when it comes to energy efficiency Lennox beats it with its high 26 SEER rating. What this could mean for you in the long run is that it may end up costing you less to run a Lennox SEER 26 A/C Unit compared to running a Rheem SEER 16.

6. Amana AC Unit

If you have been searching for a mid-range and solid HVAC unit, you should be opting for Amana air conditioners. These products come with the SEER ratings of 13 to 18. Compared to all other brands, you are sure to receive the best warranties from Amana air conditioners in terms of compressors. The system comes with the Limited Lifetime Replacement warranty, which may be helpful for the AC units. The installation process is affordable, and the systems have a SEER rating of 14. It offers heat pump and furnace replacement. But if you have the money and would like to save money in the long run I would suggest getting a Lennox SEER rating 20 or above. Sure they may seem a bit more expensive than Amana but they are more efficient.

Whether you are getting a new HVAC system or replacing an existing one, you need to do proper research. Make sure to get the installation done by experts who can help you with the entire process.