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There are many benefits of regular ac maintenance. Unlike what most people think, who do not understand how an air conditioner works, getting regular ac maintenance can really help boost the lifespan of your ac unit and its performance. Most people do not realize the benefits of air conditioning maintenance until it’s too late. Getting your ac maintenance done right around spring is one of the best times.

Prepping your ac before the harsh weather of summer is typically a good choice because summers can be extremely warm and humid, which puts extra burden on your ac unit. Summers tend to be the peak breakdown time for ac units which means most HVAC companies have a long waiting time. A properly maintained air conditioner would ensure that it offers maximum comfort around the house, and does not go down on you right in the middle of summer when you need it the most.

If you’ve ever wondered what are the benefits of ac maintenance than this post is for you. We will go over the benefits of air conditioner maintenance and why its in your best interest to get it done on a regular basis.

AC Maintenance Benefits

Air conditioner maintenance becomes important if you have kids and pets around the house. Being a little considerate about the maintenance will prove to be efficient for the system as well as for your family. Some of the prominent benefits of air conditioner maintenance include the following:

Increased lifespan

If you have been looking for potential ways to reduce your electricity bill, regular maintenance can be of great help. It will prevent the risk of break down, thereby ensuring that there is no need for regular replacement. So, even if your system is working, scheduling maintenance will help to improve efficiency. Although the average lifespan of a system is 10-15 years, not getting regular maintenance can decrease the lifespan.

Indoor air quality

One of the best ways to increase the indoor air quality is to maintain your HVAC system. Dirty air filters will only contaminate the indoor air with all allergens and pollutants. This will, be harmful to you and your family. Regular maintenance can help to maintain the air quality by keeping it fresh and clean. Reach out to the experts making sure they change dirty air filters. If you have pets, you may change the air filters every month or change in three months is considered to be fine as well.

Comfortable environment

No one likes to stay in the scorching heat of the sun and rising humidity level of the house. If your air conditioning system is thoroughly maintained, it will help you save energy and money. Since your house will be cool, you will feel more comfortable around the house. A proper comfortable environment will help you have a comfortable sleep during the night. Therefore, an air conditioner plays an important role in determining comfort.

Increased efficiency

While not maintaining your air conditioner will lower the lifespan of your system, regularly maintaining it can help to enhance the lifespan of the system. Maintaining the system properly will lower the risk of it running inefficiently. You can keep a check on all the minor problems and get it fixed to put less pressure on the system and get lower electricity bills.

What AC Maintenance Should I do in Summer?

Often people ask what air conditioner maintenance they should be doing in summer to enhance the efficiency of the system. While you may consider reaching out to the experts, you may as well do some cleaning and maintenance on your own to save money.

You should be considerably careful while carrying out the maintenance to avoid any inconvenience of your system. The system is responsible for keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the summer. Hence, being careful about the maintenance can be of great help to you.

Get new filters

Your old AC filters are probably damaged by now. Before the arrival of summer, you should prefer replacing your air filters. You should get new filters so that the system functions properly. Even though you may clean your filters, it may not be enough. Replacing can help to enhance the performance and efficiency of the system. You should prefer reaching out to the experts who may help you find the right air filter.

Check electrical connection

The AC electrical connections are extremely prone to be burnt or damaged. It is one of the most common sources of fire hazards in the house. Before you begin using your AC regularly make sure that all the electrical connections are fitted properly. To increase safety and security, you should be doing a complete electrical inspection of the house. If there are any damaged or loose wires, make sure to replace them.

Combine AC maintenance with a furnace tune-up

Although it is done at the end of summer, it can be extremely efficient. Most of the families prefer tuning up the furnace by the end of summer to improve the performance of the furnace. While you are carrying out AC maintenance, make sure to tune up the furnace as well. This will ensure that your complete HVAC system is thoroughly maintained. This will make your furnace ready for the winter. Since things are a little problematic during the fall, scheduling AC maintenance and furnace tune-up can prove to be a good decision down the road.

Clean and unclog condenser coils

Dirty and clogged condenser coils will prevent your system from functioning properly. As a result, you may prefer cleaning and unclogging these condenser coils. It is often advised to call experts for cleaning the condenser coils. Condenser coils are one of the most important aspects of AC maintenance because if they are not maintained, it will lead to mold growth, dust accumulation around the system. This can be extremely damaging for your system and reduces the lifespan.

Maintain the outdoor unit

Before the arrival of summer, make sure to get your outdoor unit ready as well. You should get rid of all the problems which may be acting as an obstruction for the airflow. If any shrubs or bushes are growing around the unit, you should prefer carrying out a thorough inspection and cleaning it.

To make sure that your system runs properly, you should schedule annual maintenance. Make sure to reach out to the experts for all changes in your air conditioner and increase the lifespan.