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7 Common Furnace Problems and How to Solve them?

Furnace problems are common and easily observed in every household. The problem is most of us turn to be mad when the furnace isn’t working properly. Furnace repair and maintenance is extremely important because if the HVAC system is down you won’t be able to heat your home or office in winter, further more delaying fixing furnace issues can cause bigger and far more expensive repairs down the road.

If you have been suffering from minor problems due to your furnace not working properly, you may want to get it checked. It is a clear indication that either your furnace isn’t working properly, or not at all. It is natural for you to ask for a quick fix to your problem. If you’re a handy person who knows his way around basic electronic devices then you may be able to fix small furnace issues yourself.

7 Common furnace problems and their solutions

1. Thermostat setting

You may not want to admit, but sometimes we fail to check the heat settings of the thermostat. It is not only stupid but embarrassing as well. You should ensure that the temperature setting of the thermostat is five degrees more than the normal temperature. This helps in regulating the thermostat setting.

There are different types of thermostat available in the market, and you can choose the most convenient one for you. The thermostat is vulnerable to dust and debris. So, make sure to remove it all for the smooth functioning of the thermostat. If the breaker is switched on, make sure to switch it off.

2. Change the clogged filter if the furnace isn’t producing enough heat

There may be different situations when the furnace doesn’t produce enough heat. This is usually due to clogged filters. If you have been noticing that your filter isn’t producing enough heat, you should check the air filters to determine it is clean.

Changing the clogged air filters is a simple process and can be done by anyone. A clogged air filter is the result of poor maintenance. You can consider replacing your furnace since it is fast and easy. Moreover, it also helps in maintaining the indoor air quality in the long run.

If you clean the dirt and debris, the airflow around will improve. Moreover, it will also help in reducing the utility bill thereby proving to be efficient for the price you pay. If it is not taken care of properly, the whole system can shut down, thereby proving to be problematic.

3. The area around the furnace should be clean & clear

Most of the homeowners fail to acknowledge the importance of keeping the area around the furnace clean. Since the HVAC system is usually installed near the basement, it is likely to be clogged up always. Moreover, this can lead to excessive collection of first and debris. You should clean the area to ensure better functioning.

You should not keep any flammable substance around the furnace. This can, however, lead to unwanted fire breakouts, which can further be a major problem for you. When you are not using it, you should store it properly in a room where it can be used safely. You should clean the space around the furnace regularly to ensure proper functioning. Even when you are cleaning, you should be careful as dust accumulation can further cause a problem or maybe system breakdown.

4. Oiling the furnace

It is necessary to prepare your furnace system before the arrival of winter. You should clean it thoroughly as it will help you determine that the furnace system is working properly. The furnace blower is an important aspect and helps you draw heat from the different furnace. The blower helps to distribute heat thoroughly around the house.

You should prefer keeping the blower lubricated as it will contribute to the increased life.The lubricating furnace blower is easy and an important task. You should prefer oiling it once a year to avoid any unusual noise when it is started.

5. Heating problems

We have often come across problems with furnace turning on and off quickly. If you are suffering from these problems, know that there are different issues with it. The major cause for this maybe a worn out filter. You should prefer replacing your filter in time to ensure that the system is working properly. One thing to be noted is that replacing the filter is a quick and easy task.

If you have installed a new furnace filter and the problem is yet not fixed, you may need to consult an expert. This can be an indication about the problem in blower motor or belt. Professionals can only fix such problems.

6. Noisy furnace and ductwork

Rumbling and squeaking sounds may appear to be normal, but it is not. The sounds indicate a mechanical problem such as a clogged burner and reduced airflow. However, even if the furnace is working properly, it will make noise. If you get to hear noise from ductwork, you should prefer checking the insulation of the system.

You should prefer checking the furnace system if it makes a lot of off noises. The problem can be in the adjustment of pilot light or failure of blower motor lubrication. Thus, you should prefer oiling in the system. It can also be a problem with the burner and belts. Some of the common noises from the furnace may include rattling, squealing, pinging and grinding sounds.

You can easily repair the noise of the furnace all by yourself. You should identify all the potential problems and should solve it. The problem may vary, and you should check for it thoroughly. If you cannot, you may prefer consulting technicians who can help you through the process.

7. Flame sensor cleaning

The flame sensor is one of the most important aspects of gas heating equipment. It is required to protect your furnace from any potential damage of burning fuel. Apart from that, you should prefer checking the dirty flame sensor to ensure that it is functioning properly.

The flame sensors are usually found behind the furnace near the burner. If the sensor is not cleaned, it can lead to carbon buildup or oxidation which will prevent the flame sensor from working properly. This will result in system breakdown or malfunction.

Fixing minor problems in the furnace system isn’t a tough task, and you can always do it by yourself. You can always put efforts to solve the major problems. Moreover, doing the repairs by yourself can be very cost effective. However, if you fail to do it all by yourself, you may consider consulting any expert technician.