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Air Conditioning Repair in Plano, TX

Fast, Effective Repairs and Reliable Maintenance

Are you in need of air conditioning repair? Look no further, because our team at 1st Class Heat & Air, Inc. provides fast, reliable air conditioning repairs in Plano and the surrounding cities. All of our AC service technicians are professionally trained, licensed, and insured to make sure they have all the necessary skills to get the job done right.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Isn't Functioning Properly

Most of the time it is relatively obvious when your air conditioner is in need of a repair service. It either won’t turn on at all or will blow warm air into your home. However, some of the signs are more subtle. Be on the lookout for the following:

Common signs your AC needs repair:

  • Sudden spike in utility bill – it’s normal for electric bills to increase during summer months due to increased AC usage, but if the bill suddenly skyrockets higher than normal it’s a good indication that something is wrong with your system. You should call a professional to assess the issue before it turns into a larger problem.
  • Strange noises coming from the unit – if your air conditioner begins making banging, creaking, or mechanical sounds that are unusual, there is likely a malfunction with one of the parts. It is important to call an air conditioning repair technician to prevent further damage to your system.
  • Warm air is coming through your vents– the air coming out of your vents should be about 20 degrees cooler than the intake air (or the air inside your house) to properly cool it. Sometimes the air will still feel slightly cool to the touch, but if it’s not quite cold enough it won’t properly cool your home.

Do You Need Professional AC Repairs?

If your air conditioner isn’t churning out cooled air the way it used to, there are a wide variety of potential causes. Some of these issues can be solved with basic DIY fixes, but many require a trained HVAC professional to resolve safely and effectively.

How to troubleshoot common air conditioning problems:

  • Check Air Filters: If your air conditioning system is down the first thing you would want to look at is the air filters. If you’ve not been getting regular AC maintenance on your unit, then more than likely the air filters are clogged up with dirt & dust. Clogged air filters prevent the AC system from working optimally and in some cases even turning on. If your air filters are indeed clogged, you will need to replace them. *When working on your AC system, make sure the power is turned off.
  • Check the Thermostat: After verifying that your AC system’s air filter is clean and installed properly, the next step is to check the thermostat. Make sure it’s set to “cool”. In some cases, you may need to replace the batteries in your thermostat/remote control.
  • Check the Breaker: If your AC system won’t turn on there’s a possibility that the main breaker has been tripped. Try flipping the breaker on. If your AC system starts working, then you’re good to go. However, if the breaker trips again, do not turn it on. Instead, call us and set up a service call. In such cases there is another fault at play that needs to be diagnosed and repaired by a professional.

Warning: Make sure your hands and feet are completely dry before attempting to reset power. If there are any signs of electrical damage or moisture, or you don’t feel comfortable, don’t touch anything. Contact a qualified air conditioning technician right away.

Count on the Trained Technicians at 1st Class Heat & Air

Have you tried all the tips above, but still no luck? Then it’s time to give us a call. Our trained AC technician will arrive at your location, diagnose the cause of the problem, and give you an honest, upfront quote for repairs or installation. Once you’ve approved the price of repair, we’ll start fixing things right away. We make sure that our team shows up to every job fully prepared to provide any service you need, and we stock our vans with parts that are known to break down often. This means that instead of waiting for hours or even days for the part to arrive, our Plano air conditioner repair team can get cooled air flowing through your home again in no time at all!

We are a family-owned business that strives to provide the highest standards in AC repair services. Our goal is to be your first call for all your repair and maintenance needs, and we aim to achieve that through our dedication, continued training, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Regular AC Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Repair

Most HVAC experts, including our highly qualified technicians, highly recommend regular AC maintenance. Regular AC maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your system, resulting in less frequent AC replacements and repair services. It can also help your air conditioner to continue to run at its most efficient levels, which means you will pay less in utility bills.

Additionally, over time, your AC system’s air filters can get clogged up with dirt & debris, which ends up choking your entire system. This can lead to system failure, damage, and poor indoor air quality. Regular maintenance can help you avoid this, which is why we provide a maintenance agreement plan to keep your system running smoothly 365 days a year.

Call (972) 673-0408 or fill out our online contact form to consult with our Plano AC repair team about your needs to keep your home safe and comfortable!

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