Furnace Repair Hickory Creek

Furnace repair Hickory Creek service is offered by 1st Class Heat and Air. 1st Class is a family owned heating and air conditioning company that services Hickory Creek, TX. Hickory Creek is located about 30 miles Northwest of downtown Dallas. The 2010 census showed there were 3247 people, but the town is expected to grow rapidly in the future. 1st Class offers both residential and light commercial service. Our company offers fast service at competitive prices. Whether furnace repair service is needed, or a new furnace replacement, we can do the job. When you call we will get a heating repair technician to your home who can evaluate your equipment. You will be given an estimate before any work is performed. We would like to be the company you call for furnace repair Hickory Creek service. Our company offers:

  • $49.90 Furnace Repair Hickory Creek Service
  • Trained Technicians
  • Heat Pump and Gas Furnace Repair
  • 7 Day Hickory Creek Service
  • Emergency Furnace Repair Service
  • Angie’s List Super Service Awards
  • BBB Member
  • Quality New Furnace Installation
  • Financing Available

Hickory Creek Furnace Repair Verses New Furnace Installation

Are you trying to decide between Hickory Creek furnace repair vs. a new furnace installation? We can send a technician who can help. If you need a repair he can determine the cost of the repair. He can also tell you the age and more importantly the condition of your gas furnace. With this information you can decide the best course of action. If it is an inexpensive repair you should likely repair the equipment. If an expensive repair such as a motor is required then the age and condition of the equipment is important. If makes little sense to replace a motor on an old poorly maintained gas furnace. If you choose a new furnace installation we can do that job also. Choose 1st Class Heat and Air for Hickory Creek Furnace Repair.

Gas Furnace Repair Hickory Creek

Is your gas furnace in need of repair in Hickory Creek TX? Did you wake up to a freezing cold home wondering what you should do? Call 1st Class Heat and Air. We provide gas furnace repair Hickory Creek service. Has the pilot gone out on that old gas furnace? No problem. Maybe you have other problems such as a blower motor, capacitor, circuit board or igniter. No matter what problem you are having with your gas furnace we can repair it. Our goal is to be the best furnace repair company that services Hickory Creek, TX.

furnace repair hickory creek

Heat Pump Repair – Hickory Creek, TX

1st Class Heat and Air offers heat pump repair in Hickory Creek, TX. A heat pump operates like an air conditioner to cool your home. However, it is able to heat your home by using a reversing valve. This allows the refrigerant to reverse directions. A heat pump removes heat from the outside air and puts it inside your home. A heat pump can actually extract heat from cold air. It is effective to use a heat pump until the temperature drops below the balance point. When the temperature drops below the balance point in an all electric system the heat pump operates at the same time the auxiliary heat is used. The balance point is not a fixed point but a rough number would be the high 30’s Fahrenheit. Since a heat pump uses the outside condenser many of the repairs are to the air conditioning system. However, once the temperature drops below the balance point, the emergency auxiliary heat is used. The¬†auxiliary heat would be a gas furnace in a duel fuel system and electric heat strips in an electric system. Heat pumps are efficient if the system is all electric, as it is cheaper to move heat than create heat. Whatever your heat pump repair is we can handle it. Choose 1st Class for Heat Pump repair in Hickory Creek, TX

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AC Repair or New Air Conditioner Installation

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Hickory Creek – New Furnace Installation

Have you decided to have a new furnace installed in Hickory Creek, TX? 1st Class has excellent furnace installation crews. If you need a gas furnace installed we can usually get it done the day you call. Even if you arrive home after work and call us, we can get a technician there. We can also get your furnace installed soon after. We maintain a stocked warehouse so new furnace installs in the evening are no problem. If you would like a new furnace installed in Hickory Creek, TX call 1st Class Heat and Air.

Furnace Repair Zip Code 75065

If you need furnace repair in Hickory Creek in Zip Code 75065 call 1st Class. Our goal is to be the best furnace repair company that services Hickory Creek, TX. Be sure to recommend 1st Class to your neighbors and friends and anyone close to  Zip Code 75065.