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Want FAST, RELIABLE ac repairs in Sachse, TX? Choose 1st Class Air Service to handle all of your air conditioning needs. Call: 972-398-6151 and get a professionally trained and certified ac technician to repair your air conditioner today. We’re trusted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a consistent A+ rating since 2012. Were a family-owned business with over 30+ years of HVAC experience. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance

1st Class Air Service provides high quality air conditioner maintenance in Sachse, TX. We also provide 1st Class Air Conditioner Tune-ups. 

Getting regular ac maintenance can help keep your ac unit running smoother for longer with the highest efficiency. Benefits of getting regular ac maintenance include:

  • Longer life of the ac unit
  • Better air quality
  • Quicker & faster cooling
  • Higher efficiency & lower electricity bills

Take advantage of our 1st Class air conditioner maintenance in Sachse, TX, and get more out of your air conditioning system.

Sachse Texas air conditioner installation

AC Troubleshooting Tips: For AC Repairs In Sachse, Texas

Things to check before calling for ac repairs in Sachse, Texas:

Try these quick troubleshooting tips before you call in for ac repairs. You will be surprised how often you can get your ac unit running on your own. Once you go through these tips and are unsuccessful at getting your ac running, then it will be time to call 1st Class Air Service. 

Try the following tips: 

  1. AC Won’t Turn On: In the event that your ac unit won’t even turn on, the first thing to check is the main breaker. Go to your breaker box (AKA fuse box) and check to see if the breaker for the ac unit has been tripped. If “Yes” simply switch it back on and turn your ac unit on. If your breaker trips again then it could be a signal that there is something wrong with the ac unit and it needs to be diagnosed. Do not switch the breaker on the second time, instead immediately give us a call for ac repairs in Sachse, TX. 
  2. AC Blows Hot Air: This could be due to two reasons. See below:
    1. Thermostat Setting: If your air conditioner is blowing hot or warm air, the first thing to check is your thermostat setting. Check to see if its correct. There is a possibility that kids could have accidentally messed around with the thermostat setting. If this is the case, simply set your thermostat at a comfortable setting. 
    2. Air Filters: If your thermostat setting is configured correctly, then the next step is to check your ac air filters. Air filters are very important in any ac unit and they are also one of the most overlooked components. If your air conditioner is blowing hot or warm air then you need to check the quality of the air filters. If you find that your air filters are indeed dirty or clogged up, then you need to do two things. First try to clean them if possible. Cleaning could be a quick fix, however, if your air filters are beyond cleaning then you may need to replace them. When replacing the air filters you must make sure you install the right model of air filters specifically made for your ac unit.
Troubleshooting did not help? If you’ve tried the tips above and your ac unit still won’t function properly, then it’s time to call in the professionals. Call us and our friendly dispatchers will set you up with a service call for ac repair in Sachse, TX.    

Best AC Repairs in Sachse, Texas

1st Class Air Service is a trusted ac repair company in Sachse, TX. We believe in transparency and customer satisfaction. We don’t just claim to be the best, we prove it. Check out what our customers have to say about us on the following peer-to-peer home services review sites. 

  • Houzz: 1st Class Air Service has been awarded “Best Of Houzz 2018” and “Best Of Houzz 2019“. Houzz is a go-to website for millions of consumers looking for professional home service contractors. 
  • HomeAdvisor: We’re screened & approved by HomeAdvisor with over 60+ verified customer reviews and a near perfect five star rating. HomeAdvisor is a major website in the home services niche with millions of users.  
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): We’ve been listed with the BBB for the past 11 years with a consistent A+ rating. When consumers want to find trusted businesses they go to the BBB. The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization with many offices. The main purpose of the Better Business Bureau is to provide authentic businesses which have been verified to people looking for professional services. 
  • Angie’s List: You can find us on Angie’s List with 300+ verified customer reviews and an A rating. We’ve been listed on Angie’s List for the past 9 years. Angie’s List is one of the most popular peer-to-peer review sites for home services. Millions of people go to Angie’s List to find professionals who provide AC repair services in Texas. We have been dominating Angie’s List for ac repairs in Sachse, TX for years. 
  • Expertise: 1st Class Air Service is listed as the best HVAC company in 2019 by Expertise is a local services website that people use to find experts in their area. 

Our Commitment For AC Repairs In Sachse, Texas

  • Trained & Certified AC Repair Technicians
  • Fast & Reliable Service (Without Hassle)
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our No. 1 Priority

Air Conditioning Services In Sachse, Texas

Sachse air conditioning service
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Air Conditioner Tune-Up
  • Air Conditioner Sales
  • Air Conditioner Installation (Installed To Sachse, TX city code)
  • Emergency AC Repair Service In Sachse, TX
  • Maintenance Contracts Available

AC Repair For All Makes & Models in Sachse, Texas

We are proud to provide ac repairs in Sachse, Texas on most air conditioner makes and models. We do not turn you down for ac repairs just because you did not buy your ac unit from us. We believe that everyone is entitled to air conditioning repair service in Sachse, TX and the surrounding areas. We don’t get tied up with brand-loyalty, instead we focus on providing you with FAST, RELIABLE ac repairs in Sachse, Texas. 

Here is a short list of A/C makes we service but not limited to:

  • Amana, American Standard, Armstrong, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Ducane, Frigidaire, GE, Gibson, Goodman, Heil, Janitrol, Kenmore, Lennox, Maytag, Nordyne, Payne, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Westinghouse, Weather troll, York & More.


AC installation Sachse TX

A/C Installation: Request a site survey

Air Conditioner Installation Service in Sachse, TX

Need an air conditioner installed in Sachse, TX? Call 1st Class Air Service today and hire a professionally trained & certified expert to get the job done “RIGHT” the first time. 

AC installation is a complex project and needs plenty of planning ahead of time. For starters, the first thing you should consider is getting a site survey completed. After the ac technician has the info he needs he will be able to give you the best options while staying within your budget. Call us and set up your site survey today. 

1st Class Air Service is a trusted ac installation company in Sachse with 30+ years of experience. We’re a family-owned business and are licensed & insured. We stand behind every job we do, even after leaving the site. 

Why You Should Hire 1st Class Air Service To Get Your New Air Conditioner Installed In Sachse, TX:

  • Experience: We’ve been in the HVAC business for over 30+ years & we’re family owned, which means we provide quality service & take responsibility for the work we perform at your location in Sachse, Texas. 
  • Expertise: All of our ac technicians are professionally trained & certified. We’ve been in the HVAC business for over 30+ years. 
  • Guarantee: 1st Class Air Service is a licensed and insured company. We stand by every job we perform, even after leaving the site. 
  • Trusted: We’ve been dominating most peer-to-peer home services sites with A+ ratings and hundreds of positive reviews by verified customers. 
  • City Building Code: Every air conditioner installation we perform is done according to Sachse, TX city building codes (Legal & Accordance To City Law).
Air Conditioning Repair Sachse Texas

New Air Conditioner Sales In Sachse, TX

Are you searching for the perfect new ac unit for your home or office in Sachse, TX? Give 1st Class Air Service a chance to help you find the RIGHT ac unit for your unique requirements. Every home or office in Sachse, TX has its own unique requirements and it is extremely important that your new AC unit caters to them all. A small variable overlooked can cause many problems down the road.

To find the perfect ac unit, each location needs to be assessed ahead of time which is also known as an initial site survey. The site survey helps us figure out which ac unit will be “RIGHT” for you, by noting down the electrical set-up, dimensions, space availability, and cooling requirements. After completing the site survey, our ac technician will provide you with the best options for your needs while staying within your budget.  

Why we choose to sell Lennox in Sachse, TX? 

Since “Customer Satisfaction is our top priority“, we choose to sell the Lennox brand of air conditioners. Lennox is one of the most popular and in-demand ac brands in the market place. Lennox manufactures state-of-the-art ac units which are also highest in efficiency. Lennox offers ac makes that have a SEER rating of up-to 26, which is one of the highest SEER ratings you can get. Higher SEER ratings mean it will cost you less to use the ac unit and will be gentle on the environment. 

Worried About Financing? Click the button below to see financing options in Sachse, TX.

New AC Sales In Sachse TX
  • AC Repairs

Our trained & certified AC techs can repair almost any air conditioner brand. Our A/C technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and can have your A/C system running within no time.  READ MORE

  • AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance will not only extend the lifespan of your A/C unit, but also help your AC unit provide the highest possible performance. AC maintenance also keeps your  system working at its peak efficiency, thereby saving you money on electricity.     READ MORE

  • AC Tune-up

Over time there is bound to be wear and tear on any AC unit. The drains pipes tend to get clogged, things get rusty, leaks happen. This is where an A/C tune-up comes in. AC tune-ups help keep your AC unit working efficiently. A/C tune-ups give homeowners a peace of mind.         READ MORE

  • AC sales

There are lots of choices when it comes to buying a new AC unit. Because of our experience in the field we sell Lennox HVAC systems. Lennox provides the best of both worlds. Lennox is known to build state of the art and technologically advanced HVAC units. Lennox provides the best value for our customers.  READ MORE

  • AC Tips

Were dedicated to providing the top services and knowledge base for our customers. Check out our HVAC blog and get free AC repairs, maintenance and homeowner tips. Take advantage of our HVAC articles. You’d be surprised at how much you can do on your own without spending a single penny. READ MORE

  • Our Reviews

We’ve been in business since 1990, because we value our customer satisfaction the most. In-fact our customers are our marketers. Check out our reviews to see what they have to say about our services.  READ MORE