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Call: 972-398-6151 For fast, reliable ac repair in Little Elm, TX. We provide air conditioning maintenance, tune-ups, installations and sales service. Were a licensed and insured company in the heart of Texas, providing HVAC services for over 30+ years. Call today and get your ac repairs done by a professionally trained and certified ac technician. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Getting regular ac maintenance and tune-ups is the recommended method of pro-longing the life of your ac unit. Call 1st Class Air Service today and get your ac tune-up or maintenance service in Little Elm, done by one of our highly experienced ac technicians. 

Got Questions? We believe in spreading our 30+ years of HVAC knowledge. When you call us our experienced dispatchers will go over any issue you may have patiently. We believe in educating our clients on HVAC matters so they can be better prepared to make the right decisions regarding their ac units. 

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Troubleshooting Tips For AC Repair Little Elm, TX

Try these tips before calling for ac repairs in Little Elm, Texas:

  • Electrical Problems: Everyone is prone to electrical surges. You never know when one hit your home, it could be during your sleep. This is why, if your ac unit is completely off and wont turn on, the first thing you should consider checking is the main electrical breaker. When a electrical surge hits, the main breaker is in place to stop it from damaging your electrical appliances. It does this by tripping off, so the electrical surge does not spread into your home. Go to your main breaker and check if it has been tripped off. If “YES” then switch it back on. Now try to turn your ac on again. If you find this fixes the problem then there is no need to call us in. However, if the main breaker turns back off again then there is another issue that needs to be diagnosed by a professional ac technician. Call us right away and set-up an ac service call. Our ac technician will come out to your location in Little Elm, TX and diagnose and fix the issue for you. You will be surprised how quickly we will have your cool breeze back to its original glory. If there is no problem with the breaker then move onto the next troubleshooting tip. 
  • Kids: “It’s the kids” is a blame game we all play. But in this situation it truly may be the kids. If your ac unit turns on but does not blow a cold breeze try this tip. If you have a  remote control thermostat, or any thermostat that the kids can reach up-to, then the first thing you should be checking is the temperature setting. Sometimes kids accidentally change the thermostat settings. If you find the setting was changed, then change it back to a comfortable level and voila! You’re back to your winter breeze. If you find that this is not the problem then move onto the next tip.  
  • Air Filters: Finally it’s time for the ac air filters. If the ac unit turns on, blows hot air, and the setting is at a cool level, then you should immediately check your air filters for the ac unit. Normally you would not face this problem if you’ve been getting regular ac maintenance done on your ac unit. The purpose of the air filter is to filter out all the dirt and debris. This is why we love air filters they make our breathing easier and healthier. What people don’t realize is that all the dirt and debris that the air filter is filtering gets stuck on the air filter itself. So if you’re not cleaning the air filters or replacing them regularly then eventually the air filter will get clogged. If you find that your air filter is clogged, you can try to clean it yourself or if its beyond cleaning then you could replace it all together. Doing so should solve the problem. If you find that even after cleaning the filter you ac unit is still blowing out hot air then its time to call us in. Call 1st Class Air Service for ac repair Little Elm, TX. 

If you’ve tried the ac troubleshooting tips above without any luck, then call us. Our friendly dispatcher will setup a service call and send over an ac technician to take care of the problem. All of our ac technicians are trained & certified with many years of ac repair experience. We never send in amateur or trainees to ac repair jobs. We believe in providing high quality and workmanship on every ac repair we perform. When you call us you can rest assured that your ac repair job will be done professionally. They will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and in most cases be able to fix the issue on the first service call. This is because all of our ac technician vans are stocked with common ac parts that break down. So instead of making you wait for the part to arrive, they can get the job done quickly. We will have you cooled in no time. Call us now for ac repairs in Little Elm, Texas. 

Best AC Repairs in Little Elm, Texas

We don’t just say that we provide the best ac repair service in Little Elm, TX, we prove it every time. Just ask any of our customers. Our customers have consistently ranked us as the best. In fact we have maintained five-star or A+ ratings on major home services sites such as:

We’ve been proudly maintaining perfect ratings on home services sites for many years. We encourage all of our customers to leave their honest opinions of our services on these peer-to-peer rating sites. This helps new customers gauge the type of air condition services we provide. To see what our customers have to say about our services simply click the links above. 

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AC Repair For All Makes & Models in Little Elm, Texas

AC Repair Little Elm Texas: Have you ever called for ac repairs to only be denied service, because you did not buy the ac unit from them. Well, we at 1st Class Air Service never deny service because you did not buy your ac unit from us. In-fact we service almost all ac makes and models. We don’t let brand loyalty get in the way of providing ac repair service to you. Call us now and get your ac unit repaired with confidence. 

  • Amana, American Standard, Armstrong, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Ducane, Frigidaire, GE, Gibson, Goodman, Heil, Janitrol, Kenmore, Lennox, Maytag, Nordyne, Payne, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Westinghouse, Weather troll, York & More.


AC installation Little Elm TX

A/C Installation: Request a site survey

Air Conditioner Installation in Little Elm, TX

Need an ac installed in Little Elm, TX? Want professional ac installation service? 1st Class Air Service has you covered. We’ve been doing ac installations for over three decades now. Call us today and our knowledgeable dispatchers will schedule an installation and answer any questions you may have over the phone. 

Getting an ac installation is a complex process, that requires many factors to be considered ahead of time. This is why an initial site survey is very important before you purchase your ac unit. Our ac technicians can perform a site survey and take all the factors into consideration and provide you with the best options for your unique requirements. 

Why You Should Use 1st Class Air Service To Get Your New Air Conditioner Installed In Little Elm, TX:

No doubt there are tons of options when it comes to choosing an HVAC company for your ac installation. Here’s what sets us apart and why you should choose us for your ac installation.

  • We do it by CODE: Every city has its own city building codes (Rules & Regulations) aka laws. It is very important that you get your ac unit installed in accordance to these laws. 1st Class Air Service always performs every installation according to city code and we never compromise your safety. 
  • Peace of mind: We are a licensed and insured company, which means we take responsibility for every job we do and stand behind our work. With us on the job, your best interests are secured. Get peace of mind and sleep easy at night when you get your ac installation in Little Elm, TX. Hire us for the job now. 
  • Experienced: Unlike hiring shady, self-proclaimed ac technicians from classified sites, we only employ trained & certified ac technicians. We have a brick and mortar office (Physical location) that you can come and visit in case there are any issues. We’ve been in the HVAC business for over 30+ years and it would not have been possible if we did not provide quality service. 
Air Conditioning Repair Little Elm Texas

New Air Conditioner Sales In Little Elm, TX

Need a new ac unit? or just considering the option? 1st Class Air Service can help you no matter what stage of the buying process you are in. We provide professional consultation on new ac unit sales in Little Elm, TX. Call us today. 

Did you know there are many important factors that need to be considered before you actually buy an air conditioning unit for your location. If you over-look these factors and only consider the price, it could end up costing you big later on. 

It is very important to get a site survey done before you purchase an ac unit. Call us now and set-up a site survey. Our ac technician will come to your site and note down all the factors that are unique to each location (electrical set-up, dimensions, space availability, cooling requirements). Once the ac technician has all the important information on-hand, then they will be able to give you the best options for your particular location. We always make sure that we stay within your budget. We will never tell you to spend your hard-earned money on a product that you don’t need. 

We value your satisfaction and best interests. 

This is why we choose to sell Lennox ac brands. Lennox is one of the most popular and efficient ac brands you can choose. It has many makes that are technologically advanced and provide a SEER rating of up-to 26. A higher SEER rating can help you spend less on energy bills every month and also help save the planet. 

Worried about financing? 

We have you covered. Click the financing button below and check out the financing institute we work with. 

New AC Sales In Little Elm, TX
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  • AC Tune-up

Over time there is bound to be wear and tear on any AC unit. The drains pipes tend to get clogged, things get rusty, leaks happen. This is where an A/C tune-up comes in. AC tune-ups help keep your AC unit working efficiently. A/C tune-ups give homeowners a peace of mind.         READ MORE

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There are lots of choices when it comes to buying a new AC unit. Because of our experience in the field we sell Lennox HVAC systems. Lennox provides the best of both worlds. Lennox is known to build state of the art and technologically advanced HVAC units. Lennox provides the best value for our customers.  READ MORE

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