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If you are in need of AC repair Addison, consider 1st Class Heat and Air. We are a family owned air conditioning and heating company that serves the residents of Addison, TX. We provide both residential and light commercial service. Quality service and competitive prices can be expected when doing business with 1st Class. Choose our AC repair Addison service today!

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Your Top Choice in AC Repair Addison Service

If you are looking for an air conditioning company for AC repair Addison service, consider 1st Class. We offer trained technicians, quality installations, fast service and we care about our customers. Our company is a member of the BBB with an excellent rating. Our goal is to earn your business and your referral. When you are happy with the service you receive from 1st Class Heat and Air, we want to tell all of your Addison, TX neighbors and friends about our company. We have also earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award multiple times. We feel this is a result of the technicians that we send to your home. These individuals represent our company so we work hard to be sure you get quality AC repair service. Additionally, a follow-up e-mail will be sent to insure your service went as desired.

We realize that you can get AC repair Addison service from a multitude of companies. 1st Class Heat and Air stands behind it’s work. Therefore, you and call our company with confidence for AC repair Addison service.

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Addison, TX AC Repair

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Got Air Conditioning Problems? Try These Tips.

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AC Repair or New Air Conditioner Installation

All Makes and Models – AC Repair Addison, TX

Are you needing AC repair Addison service and yet wondering if anyone can repair the off brand air conditioner that you have. Do you have an older system but would still like to repair it? We have the technicians that can help. We service all makes and models including Amana, American Standard, Bryant, Carrier, GE, Gibson, Goodman, Janitrol, Lennox, Payne, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Weatherking and Westinghouse.

Yes, we can repair your AC equipment but you should also consider the efficiency of the equipment. Older air conditioning equipment, is not be very efficient. Equipment sold today has a higher SEER rating than equipment that was sold just a few years ago. That’s because the government mandated equipment to be much more efficient resulting in energy savings.

When you call for AC repair Addison service, we will evaluate your AC equipment.  We can determine the age, condition and efficiency at the time the equipment was purchased. If you encounter an expensive repair, we can help you determine the best course of action. Have you had high electric bills? New air conditioning and heating equipment should drastically reduce your bill. Let us get a representative to your home today!

Air Conditioning Tips for Addison, TX Customers

Change the Air Conditioning Filter

Here are a few tips for our Addison, TX customers that will help keep your equipment operating efficiently and likely reduce the number of repairs. Changing the air conditioning filter regularly is the most important thing that a person can do to protect their air conditioning equipment. A clean filter will allow your equipment to move air freely. Air flow is necessary for your AC equipment to cool you home. A clogged filter will of course restrict air flow and lead to a dirty evaporator coil. Expensive repairs will be the results. So change the filters regularly and be sure to use pleated filters as opposed to cheap fiberglass filters. The fiberglass filter allows too much dirt to pass through to the coil.

Locate the Air Conditioning Equipment in the Shade

Another thing you can do, especially with the heat in Addison, TX, is to be sure your air conditioning condenser is located in the shade. The air conditioning condenser is the big box that is located outside the house in a split system. The condenser contains the compressor.

The reason it is important to locate the condenser in the shade is that the job of your air conditioning system is to move heat. An air conditioner actually removes heat from your home and moves it outside. The absence of heat is cool. If your unit is in the shade it will be much cooler and operate much more efficiently. If the unit is located in the sun, consider planting a tree to offer shade in the late afternoon. It does not have to be a big tree, it just needs to be big enough to offer protection during the worst part of the day.

Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

Does your air conditioner have trouble keeping you cool during the hottest parts of the summer? Many times during the summer we are called out for AC repair and the technician has to tell the customer that the equipment is doing all it can do. If you think you need to call for AC repair Addison, you might check the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. If it feels cool, maybe the system is undersized for the home.  However, many times the problem is due to lack of insulation. Take a look at your insulation and if it is not at least a foot deep that could be the problem. If your home is not properly insulated, the AC equipment could run many extra hours a day, needlessly. Remember, this puts wear and tear on the equipment which usually means expensive repairs.

Addison Air Conditioning Systems Installed

Call 1st Class Heat and Air for new air conditioning system installation in Addison, TX. Our technicians will be able to recommend the best options for a new air conditioner for your home. Having your new air conditioning system installed correctly is obviously very important. We offer experienced installers to get the job done right. Our company also offers an AC Check. We can determine the general condition of your equipment. Call us today and we will have your home cooling fast.